You might be asking yourself right now… “Why would I need a MacBook stand?”, right? Well, surprisingly there are many benefits to having a stand for your MacBook. Probably one of the most important reasons you might want the stand is because it improves its ergonomic design. In the medical community, it is generally accepted that it is healthier for the screen to be at the level of your eyes. Another great benefit is the increased productivity. They are easy to store and set up while fitting almost any environment. Overall, having the best MacBook stand will greatly improve your workflow.

We all know how we get tired after a little work on the computer. Your body’s posture, in general, starts to decline while the most affected areas are your neck and chest. That causes stress in your body and combined with the eye strain — you get tired more quickly. That is why the best MacBook stand increases greatly your productivity and ensures that won’t have any back and neck pain.

Another great reason why you might want to consider buying the best MacBook stand is that it will help with the cooling of the machine. While getting a MacBook to heat is a tough job, if you’re a video editor, programmer or if you’re doing any heavy tasks — it is a very common occurrence. In general, the best MacBook stand offers a much sleeker and healthier alternative to the widespread laptop cooler pads.

When it comes the time of choosing the best MacBook stand there are a few things that you need to consider. While they might vary greatly depending on your preferences, requirements, and purpose, most stands offer about the same functionality, rebranded in a different manner. The main feature that you need to look for in the best MacBook stand is its build material. Sturdy material and build is a must for ensuring the safety of your precious MacBook.

Another key feature that you need to consider is what type of stand would fit your visualization of the best MacBook stand is its style and ease of use. There are also stands that just give a stylish way to keep your mac stored on your desk. WIth them, obviously, you won’t be able to use your machine. They are just for decoration purposes.

I personally prefer the mobility aspect of the products, since I travel a lot. Stands that are easy to set up and dismantle and provide you with great portability are by far the best way to go. Ultimate, you should look for some additional features that you think could improve your workflow and increase productivity. If you think there is something that will make the use of your MacBook easier, go for it.

But when it actually comes time to find the best MacBook stand…

The options are endless. The task of targeting the right one might seem like a bother to you. Many companies around the world have gotten into the industry and deliver cheap stands. Unfortunately, most of them are not only cheap in price, but in build quality as well. Most products are made with the same materials and offer the same functionality, they are just marketed in a different way. To help you find it, I’ve set up a list of my own top 5 choices for the best MacBook stand.


# Image Brand Price
1 Best MacBook Stand Buy Amazon Lamicall $29.99
2 Best MacBook Stand Buy Amazon Macally $34.99
3 Best MacBook Stand Buy Amazon Twelve South $49.99
4 Best MacBook Stand Buy Amazon iQunix $19.99
5 Best MacBook Stand Buy Amazon Omoton $26.99


Best MacBook Stand Buy Amazon

1. Lamicall MacBook Stand (10″ – 17″)

One of the greatest features of the Lamicall MacBook stand is its wide compatibility with all range of other products and manufacturers. Anything between 10-inch and 17-inch devices, such as tablets and notebooks, can perfectly fit the stand. Some other popular supported devices besides the MacBooks are Microsoft Surface, Google Pixelbook, Dell XPS, HP notebooks, ASUS notebooks and Lenovo notebooks, among others.

The sleek design provides a very stable surface for your laptop. The device is made out of premium allow. It features a smooth edge that protects your laptop from being scratched. Special rubber pads at the top provide stability to your MacBook. Their second function is to raise the laptop to help with its cooling. The Lamicall MacBook stand comes with a 12-month money back or new replacement warranty.

Best MacBook Stand Buy Amazon

Best MacBook Stand Buy Amazon

2. Macally Aluminum Stand

As the brand name suggests, Macally has been focused all around Apple products. The device is available in two neutral colors, essentially available on all Apple lineups. Space Gray colored and Silver colored models are available. This stand supports all Apple MacBook 12″, Pro, Air and others such as the Chromebook and Samsung, among others.

The build of the Macally MacBook stand is secure and sturdy. It comes with raised front edges that hold the laptop in place. It also features rubberized non-slip pads. They secure your laptop in place and protect it from falling off. It provides natural air cooling to your Mac. Cooler machine during a moment of heavy load would result in a greatly increased productivity. With the pack, you get a lifetime guarantee. Whenever you feel unsatisfied with the stand, just send the manufacturer an E-Mail and they will refund your purchase.

Best MacBook Stand Buy Amazon

Best MacBook Stand Buy Amazon

3. Twelve South BookArk

If you own one of the latest MacBooks, then you might find this device very intriguing. It comes in three color variations — Space Gray, Gold, and Silver. If you’re using your MacBook with an external monitor and a keyboard and a mouse, then you will find this dock very attractive. Its sleek design contributes a lot its great compatibility within a variety of environments.

The developers at Twelve South have developed and integrated the Cable Catch design. Thanks to it, you are able to keep your connections handy and accessible at any time. The BookArk keeps them from falling while they are disconnected. Its modern aluminum design with polished chamfered edges fits any decor and any kind of color theme. It will make your MacBook stand out, something that truly deserves to be named the ‘best MacBook stand’.

Best MacBook Stand Buy Amazon

Best MacBook Stand Buy Amazon

4. iQunix Aluminum Stand

And the fourth spot is taken by a cheaper high-quality alternative –the iQuinix stand. What makes this device perfect for MacBooks is its sleek design, sturdy build and the perfect ventilation that it provides. The stand helps to keep your laptop running cooler under heavier overload, which improves greatly speed. It features a 16-degree angle while elevating your screen to be closer to your eye level. That helps with eye strain and makes it more comfortable to write on.

The iQunix MacBook stand features a sturdy build made out of a premium aluminum allow. It’s most definitely durable and lightweight, perfect for people who are constantly on the go. Non-slip protective pads are added to make sure that your laptop does not fall off and doesn’t wobble. It comes with a lifetime warranty included in the package. If you ever feel unsatisfied, they offer 100% money back guarantee, so feel free to try it.

Best MacBook Stand Buy Amazon

Best MacBook Stand Buy Amazon

5. Omoton Double Desktop Stand

If you own more than one MacBook, then you will probably be looking for a dock for them. If you have two, then the Omoton Double desktop stand is the best way for you to go. This cheap gadget supports all MacBooks and a variety of different devices. It comes in three colors — Black, Pink, and White. One of its special features is the adjustable width, that makes it compatible with a bigger variety of devices and provides greater stability.

The Omoton Double comes with a protective mat. It represents a non-toxic and non-slippery silicone pad that protects your laptop from falling off or moving around. The build is highly durable and stable, overall a great quality. It’s made out of anodized aluminum, which makes it scratch-resistant. Its design also features a wide base to fully supports your laptop. It’s sand-blasted and has passed brushing process, which mimics the same texture as MacBook’s surface.

Best MacBook Stand Buy Amazon