If you’ve seen those gamers on Twitch or YouTube, then you probably noticed that most of them are using a gaming chair. The first time I saw one, I thought that they seemed too spacious and uncomfortable. Later on, as my gaming desire grew larger and the time I spent gaming increased — I was shocked! I was shocked because of how I fooled myself to not even look into the matter. Especially if you have issues with your posture, having a good chair is of a necessity. You will enjoy a lot the benefits of the best gaming chair with lumbar support. If you’re a gamer at heart, you might also enjoy our review of the top 5 best gaming monitors.

So… why do I need the best gaming chair with lumbar support?

First of all, to be able to enjoy your favorite games to their fullest — you need to feel comfortable yourself. To be honest, throughout my life, I’ve always had a hard time finding my sweet spot. More often than not, I had to give up gaming very quickly because of not being able to find my perfect spot. Gaming chairs provide comfortability that almost any other chair can, especially when it comes to gaming. It is an extreme annoyance to adjust your position during a long gaming session. Thankfully, having the best gaming chair with lumbar support removes the need to do so. They are very durable and can withstand years of gaming. Another great feature that is most commonly found in gaming chairs is flexibility and adjustability. Not everyone is the same and not everyone feels the same, so it makes no sense a single chair to fit everyone.

Gaming is so pleasant and sometimes you can lose track of time. Making 12 hours without noticing the time was very common for me. Of course, as you had probably guessed, I gradually had deformed the shape of my spine. I hadn’t realized my mistake until I started experiencing pain and numbness. And trust me, this pain is not like any other pains. It accompanies you everywhere, to the store, to work, in bed and pretty much wherever and whatever you do. At first, I had started with massages which seemed to have little no effect. After going to physiotherapy for a few weeks, my physiotherapist recommended me to change my chair. Of course, since I’m a gamer — not with any chair. He recommended me to find the best gaming chair with lumbar support.

But what is lumbar support?

The lumbar support represents a soft curved cushion or lumbar roll, fitted to the seat back of the gaming chair. When properly done, the lumbar supports should maintain the natural curvature of the spine and alignment of the ears, shoulders, and hips (pelvis). if done unproperly it would not benefit your posture at all. In fact, it may even be harmful in the long run. That is why choosing the best gaming chair with lumbar support that suits is a must.

Without a proper lumbar support on your gaming chair, eventually, your back is going to start hunching forward. In general, that will decrease your gaming skills and work productivity a lot. You might start experiencing uncomfortable tingling or numbness in your legs and hands. If left without proper treatment, at some point cramps will start to appear. Pain will increase and if your back is very bad you might experience shortness of breath. Your body is constantly stressed, because of all the inflammation on the nerves and muscles around your whole body. Chronic inflammation has been linked with various diseases and disorders, one of the most common being depression. To prevent that, or at least worsening what is already done — you need the best gaming chair with lumbar support.

Finding the best gaming chair with lumbar support in 2018 might turn out to be too much of a hassle for you. They offer a great variety of features and designs that finding the one that fits you the best might seem too complicated. To help simplify the process of finding the best one amongst thousands of different products, I’ve packed my personal top 5 choices in the following list:


# Image Brand Price
1 Best Gaming Chair With Lumbar Support AuAg $139.99
2 Best Gaming Chair With Lumbar Support Onebigout $159.00
3 Best Gaming Chair With Lumbar Support Zenith $109.99
4 Best Gaming Chair With Lumbar Support AutoFull $199.99
5 Best Gaming Chair With Lumbar Support Vremi $23.95


Best Gaming Chair With Lumbar Support

1. AuAg Gaming Chair

The AuAg Gaming Chair comes in a sleek black and red design. It is made out of premium PU leather, inside of which resides high-density foam. The foam is spread on the back and sitting area, providing a comfortable posture.

The gaming chair comes with a completely freely adjustable lumbar support. That flexibility allows you to find your perfect setting that will benefit your posture the most. The AuAg gaming chair has a solid frame and top-grade nylon chassis, allowing you to play undisturbed.

Another great feature is the Recline function, available in the range between 90 and 170-degrees. It also comes with 360-degree swivel, allowing you to rotate in eve direction endlessly. The seat is 20.5-inch by 20.8-inch, the back is 37-inch high and 21.6-inch wide. The recommended capacity is 250 lbs, although the maximum capacity is 350 lbs.

Best Gaming Chair With Lumbar Support

Best Gaming Chair With Lumbar Support

2. Onebigout Race Chair

The Onebigout Race chair comes in a sleek black and white design, perfect for both gaming and office purposes. It is made out of premium PU leather, inside of which resides high-density foam. It is soft and overall very comfortable.

One feature with which the Onebigout race chair stands out more from the rest is its raised backrest. It provides a stable support for your whole spinal column, making sure that your posture is correct. The frame is made out of high-quality steel and sturdy metal. It also includes comfortable armrests. The backrest, lumbar support, and headrest are all adjustable to your comfort.

Another great feature of the Onebigout race chair is its backward movement between 90 to 180-degrees. It also comes with a 360-degree swivel feature. Overall this product is of great quality and well deserves to be among the top picks for the best gaming chair with lumbar cushion.

Best Gaming Chair With Lumbar Support

Best Gaming Chair With Lumbar Support

3. Zenith Black Chair

The Zenith black chair comes in a sleek black design that allows your back to breathe. You can say goodbye to sweating on your chair during summer days. The device is made out of premium PU leather, inside which you will find high-density foam.

The device comes with a stable and durable frame that is capable of withstanding a lot of weight. The built-in lumbar support provides a stable and reliable support for your spinal column. Using it, you will be able to enjoy a proper posture and comfortable gaming. You can finally stop readjusting your spot during gaming and relax. It also comes with features to protect the neck and back from hunching. The Tilt lock mechanism works with the tilt tension knob that you will find on the chair.

The Zenith chair comes with adjustable armrests. You can simply put them down and store your chair under your desk, making it super compact and convenient to use. The device comes with a 360-degree swivel and allows height adjustment. You can adjust the height of the device by reaching for the lever under the seat.

Best Gaming Chair With Lumbar Support

Best Gaming Chair With Lumbar Support

4. AutoFull Gaming Chair

The AutoFull gaming chair comes in a stylish blue and black design, featuring breathable back fabric. Sweating during those long gaming sessions in the hot summer days will no longer trouble you. The company is an authorized sponsor for international Pro leagues, such as WCA, LPL, and MDI, among others.

The device features a unique spider-inspired design that provides great durability and stability. It comes with a high-quality adjustable lumbar support cushion. The cushion is removable if you by any chance want to use your chair without it. It is built with premium soft mesh back which can be locked at any angle between 90 to 170 degrees. Both the seat and the armrests are with adjustable height.

The size of the backrest is 20.9 inches in width and 32.7 inches in height. The seat is 18.9 inches to 20.1 inches — width to height. The base is made out of sturdy nylon provides a much stronger support, for all the aggressive gaming.

Best Gaming Chair With Lumbar Support

Best Gaming Chair With Lumbar Support

5. Vremi Memory Foam Lumbar Support

Finally, if you already have a gaming chair that does not come with a lumbar support — you can put a little upgrade on it. The best choice would be the Vremi Lumbar Support. It is made out of premium memory foam that is capable of supporting your back perfectly, providing perfect alignment of the body.

The Vremi cushion is large and firm enough to support your lower back. Despite being large, it is small enough to be taken wherever. It comes with adjustable dual straps that allow the cushion the fit any gaming chair or even office chair. The foam is enclosed in a hypoallergenic mesh cover. Its size is 13 to 12.5 to 4.5 inches. Overall, this is the best way to turn your best gaming chair into your best gaming chair with lumbar support.

Best Gaming Chair With Lumbar Support