Let’s just face it — vacuuming is probably one of the most annoying chores there is on the planet. Especially if your vacuum cleaner is old or doesn’t use water. All this dust and dirty hot air being blasted into the room goes back where you took it from. Thankfully nowadays technology has come up with a solution to almost every hassle that you can think of in human everyday life. And wouldn’t it be awesome if you could come home and find out that the best robotic vacuum cleaner has already cleaned your house for you?

Some of you might say that having the best robotic vacuum cleaner is for lazy people, but smart people think otherwise. By saving time on doing chores at home I am able to be more productive at work. Not only do I feel better because my home is clean all the time, but I also have more free time. Another great use of the best robotic vacuum cleaner would be if you have mobility issues. Since they require almost to no manual operation, using them is as easy as stealing a candy from a child.

The best robotic vacuum cleaner must come with a lot of features. They should be able to automatically adjust the cleaning mode to fit the current floor surface. Another great feature they should come with is the ability to learn which areas get dirtier than others and prioritize them. I have a cat which loves to spill its litter around the litterbox and my robot goes there more often than any other area.



# Image Brand Price
1 eufy $229.99
2 iRobot $799.99
3 Proscenic $229.99
4 Electrolux $899.00
5 Mooka $159.98


1. eufy RoboVac 11S (BoostIQ)

Eufy is a worldwide known and respected manufacturer of household solutions. One of their most famous devices is the RoboVac 11S with the feature BoostIQ.

The RoboVac 11S is re-engineered to be the slimmest robotic vacuum cleaner in the world — 2.85-inch. With a suction power of 1300 Pa and quiet operation — you can be certain that you will forget how to vacuum. Thanks to the BoostIQ technology, the vacuum cleaner automatically increases suction power within 1.5 seconds. It only does that when extra vacuuming strength is required to suck up the dirt and provide the best cleaning. The device features a high-capacity Li-ion battery that delivers up to 100 hours of constant powerful suction.

Inside the package, you will get the RoboVac 11S, a remote control with two AAA batteries included, a charging base, an AC power adapter, a cleaning tool, an extra set of high-performance filters, four side brushes, five cable ties, a welcome guide and a 12-month warranty.

2. iRobot Roomba 980

As the name suggests, iRobot produces robotic technologies centered around you. The Roomba 980 is no exception, as it comes with everything needed to completely replace any need of vacuuming your house.

The Roomba 980 comes with the iRobot HOME App. It allows you to clean, schedule and customize cleaning preferences from any smartphone at any location. It is also fully compatible with Alexa, making it more convenient than ever to keep your house clean. The device is capable of cleaning an entire level of your home thanks to the iAdapt 2.0 Navigation technology. In combination with the Visual Localization technology, the pathfinding skills of the Roomba 980 are unbeatable. With a single charge, you can get up to 120 minutes of constant vacuuming.

If there is something that requires more sucking power, the AeroForce Cleaning System is going to take care of it. It automatically detects when more power is needed and increases it up to 10 times.

3. Proscenic 811GB

The third spot in the lineup is taken by the 811GB. Developed by the world-renowned Taiwanese manufacturer of robotic vacuum cleaners, the 811GB comes with app control and Alexa support for full smart home integration.

If you’re a control maniac like me, then you would love the multiple control methods that Proscenic have developed for their customers. There are four optional ways to use the vacuum cleaner – schedule, Proscenic app, remote control, and self-buttons. The 811GB has a built-in electric water tank control. It has three water penetration speeds (low, moderate and high) and is capable of sweeping and mopping the floor at the same time. When the device is docked, charging or not in use, it will not ooze so you do not have to worry about leaking water.

The 811GB features Boundary Magnetic Market Tape technology. As the name suggests, it allows you to manage the fields of operation for the vacuum cleaner. It features ultra-quiet operations and can get up to 130 minutes of constant sucking with a single charge.

4. Electrolux Pure I9

With unmatched navigation and a unique triangular design, the Pure I9 is the most expensive and luxurious choice you can get. Priced at $900 at testing, this device is the best robotic vacuum cleaner that I’ve had. This device is built to clean even the tightest spots all by itself.

The Pure I9 never skips corners. Thanks to its triangular design, the robotic vacuum cleaner is capable of perfectly reaching every little corner of your home. You won’t have to worry about dirty corners, nor about vacuuming your house ever again. The device comes with a great sense of direction. Thanks to its 3D vision system, the Pure I9 is capable of spotting objects in its path and avoiding them. Tangling into stray cords or bumping into breakable objects is not a possibility with this robot.

Another great feature of the Pure I9 is that it can climb small bumps. You won’t have to lift it up or worry about it not being able to reach your whole house. Thanks to its design and features, the robotic vacuum cleaner has everything the best robotic vacuum cleaner needs.

5. Mooka I3

The Mooka I3 comes with two side brushes, a rolling brush, and powerful suction. It is fully equipped for any surfaces and dust that might come into its way. Hard floors, carpets, and ceramic tiles all look like new after the Mooka I3 has passed over them.

With a single charge, the Mooka I3 is capable of vacuuming for 120-130 minutes constantly. To ensure that the vacuum cleaner doesn’t turn on during the night, it allows you to set schedules. Nobody loves being wakened up by a vacuum cleaner, right? The device features multiple cleaning modes — auto, spot, edge and single room cleaning. The available modes will are more than enough to meet your requirements perfectly. The device comes with a special remote control included in the package. It allows you to control the vacuum cleaner within 7-8 meters from it.

Thanks to its great sensors, the Mooka I3 will not bump into people and objects, as it can clearly detect them. Over time it will adapt to the current household and its habits and it will become more efficient by itself. The remote requires two AAA batteries, which you do not get included in the package.