This year, Apple released another, more budget-friendly iPhone besides their flagship models — the iPhone XS and XS Max. Even though its supposed to be budget-friendly, the 2018 iPhone costs 750$. I don’t know of a person that wouldn’t want to give their device the best protection and expand on its functionality.

It is unsurprising that even the cheaper iPhone is still expensive. Apple has invested their time and resources into hardware development and its integration with their software. To assure the quality of each device, they strictly supervise their manufacturing and development chains. The company also handle all other aspects of the commercialization of the phone, such as marketing. That being said, Apple’s products are in no way overpriced for what they offer.

To best protect and utilize your investment, we’ve compiled a list of what we believe are the five best iPhone XR accessories:

# Image Product Price
1 TOZO $11
2 Yootech $15
3 Apple $199
5 Stoon $30

1. TOZO Case

The back of the iPhone XR is the same as the previous generation iPhone X’s back glass and, let’s be honest, we all drop our phones once in a while. With an expensive one like the iPhone, repairing drop damages could cost you a lot! The TOZO case comes in several color options, including a clear one. After all, the best thing about the iPhone XR are the vibrant colors they come in. It is made out of high-quality soft TPU gel and has a thickness of 1.3mm — virtually nothing. The perfect solution to protecting your phone while keeping it look sleek.

2. Yootech Wireless Charger

Besides the fact that it looks and feels absolutely stunning, the glass on the back also allows you to use wireless chargers with the iPhone XR. They are a very easy and convenient way to charge your device at home, your office or anywhere that you might find comfortable. The Yootech wireless charger is Qi-certified and supports 7.5W wireless charging with any of the iPhones that support it. If your friends decide to use it with their Galaxy device, the charger will detect that and output 10W instead (5W for normal other devices). The device comes with complete built-in protection to ensure the safety of your device and its battery.

3. Apple AirPods

Unfortunately, with this year’s iPhones, Apple has not included a lightning to 3.5mm mp3 jack adapter. The device comes with lightning headphones, but let’s be honest… You cannot charge it and use it with headphones at the same time. The AirPods will solve all your issues. Connecting the headphones to the iPhone happens in just a few seconds. Their battery holds for 6 hours of playtime or a whole day with the case. For 15 minutes of charging in the case, you can enjoy up to three hours of playtime. They are extremely light and will almost never off your ears. When they do, don’t expect them to break.

4. KNGUVTH 5-in-1 Camera Lens Kit

Both the iPhone XS’ and XR’s cameras are pretty darn good. In fact, they have some of the best cameras on a smartphone in the whole world. Thanks to the special A12 Bionic chip, the iPhone is able to make stunning photos with live image stabilization and processing. The KNGUVTH kit comes with four types of lenses. There is one 12X telephoto zoom lens, one 0.36X super wide angle lens, and one 180┬░fisheye lens, the latter two of which are screwed with 15X macro lenses. Besides the iPhone XR, the kit supports many other devices that have their cameras located at the upper back.

5. Stoon Battery Case

Having a battery case can always come in handy. Whether it is for you, or for a friend of yours, this day will come and it might be life-saving. The iPhone XR is so far the iPhone that lasts the longest. Despite that, heavy usage, such as networking, listening to music via wireless headphones, playing games, having your brightness up, etc. can make your battery deplete rather quickly. With the Stoon battery case, you wouldn’t have to worry about that anymore. The case comes with a 6000 mAh battery capacity, providing you with a great increase over your iPhone XR’s battery performance. The case itself is pretty durable and will definitely protect your phone from scratches, but don’t count on it for high drops.