Nowadays, many of us don’t get the sleep we need. That is really unsurprising, as our lives are quite busy — some go to work until late, others study all night for their exams. Getting adequate sleep is vital for improving many aspects of your health and lifestyle.

Surprisingly, what sleep does exactly is not entirely known yet. One thing is certain though — it plays a major role in your mood and performance. Lately, thanks to new advancements in portable technologies, tracking your sleep no longer requires professional assistance and/or guidance. Rather, you can enjoy a complete sleep report right from your phone.

We, humans, suck at making new habits but we’re very good at adapting the already existing ones. Having a sleep report will give you insights about your sleep patterns and suggest the optimal sleep time for you. Everyone needs a different number of hours of sleep, and by tracking your sleep you can ensure the best for your wellbeing. Another great way to improve your sleep is with an Air Purifier.

# Image Brand Price
1 Withings $100
2 Fitbit $59
3 Amazon $80
4 Motiv $200
5 Letscom $30

1. Withings/Nokia Sleep Tracking Pad

The Withings sleep tracker offers advanced sleep cycle analysis, heart rate tracking, and snore detection. A sleep cycle analysis includes reports on your deep, light & REM sleep. The device is very simple to set up — simply plug it in and put it under your pillow. It even features Amazon Alexa support. The best part about this one is the daily Sleep Score and Sleep Smarter. The latter represents a dedicated coaching program provided within the product’s app, named Withings Health Mate. Thanks to the IFTTT integration, Withings Sleep can act switch on and off lights, thermostats and more. It will detect when you go to and get out of bed. Neat, right?

2. Fitbit Flex 2

If you’re looking for something close to a watch — with the same functionality but more compact. Maybe even without a display? If so, then the Fitbit Flex 2 is the perfect product for you. It is available in four different color models and features a special app, dubbed Fitbit. It will track your steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes, as well as sleep patterns. Five LED lights indicate your progress toward your daily goal. It is very thin, yet it comes with water protection. The workouts you do will be automatically recognized and recorded by the Fitbit app. Notifications are sent through different vibration patterns and LED lights patterns.

3. Amazfit Bip Smartwatch by Huami

The Bip Smartwatch is available in four different color models. It features a 1.28-inch transflective always-on display and weighs only 1.1oz or about 32g. The optical heart rate monitor, as well as the built-in GPS, allow you to track in real-time your steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, and quality of sleep. The device can stream one-way notifications for emails, SMS messages, and incoming phone calls, as well as third-party applications such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. Every Bip Smartwatch comes with a 12-month warranty.

4. Motiv Ring Fitness, Sleep and Heart Rate Tracker

To be perfectly honest, even the Fitbit seemed slightly larger than I would’ve wanted it to be. So I decided to dig a little deeper and I stumbled upon the Motiv rings. It comes in three colors and an adaptable size. You will be first presented with a sizing kit and after the size and color have been chosen, the device itself will be delivered to you (shipping included). This small ring is capable of tracking your steps and distance walked, heart rate, activity, calories burned and, most importantly, your sleep patterns for three days in a single charge. It charges in about 90 minutes.

5. Letscom Sleep and Fitness Tracker

The Letscom fitness tracker is not the best, but it definitely comes at a much lower price than most others. It features real-time steps, distance, calories burned, heart rate, active minutes and sleep status, among others. When it comes to workouts, there are 14 exercise modes that are built to ensure you better understand specific activity data. When connected to your phone’s GPS, it is capable of tracking the running pace and distance and record a map of your workout route. A single charge lasts up to about seven days. Notifications are streamed on the built-in screen.