Our limitless sky is full of countless stars and planets — some visible from our planet. If you travel a lot but still like astronomy, love looking at the stars at night, or various other objects, then you would definitely need a good traveling telescope to keep you company along your travels.

Unfortunately, finding a good traveling telescope is not an easy task, especially given all the options available on the market. To help with your choice, we’ve reviewed multiple traveling telescopes and have chosen the top 5 among them:

# Image Product Price
1 Gskyer $100
2 Celestron $60
3 Emarth $88
4 MaxUSee $93
5 WOHA $22

1. Gskyer Az70400

The Gskyer is our favorite telescope brand due to its premium build quality and useful gadgets. The AZ70400 comes with a 400mm(f/5.7) focal length and a 70mm aperture. It features fully coated optics glass lens with high transmission coatings that create the most stunning images you’ve probably ever seen all while protecting your eyes from possible dangers. The Az70400 comes with two 25mm(16X) and 10mm(40X) eyepieces as well as a 3x Barlow lens. The finderscope comes with a mounting bracket and built-in cross-hair lines that help you quickly locate objects in the sky.

2. Celestron 21035

Another great alternative for those who love traveling and astronomy is the Celestron 21035. This sleek device comes with a special carrying bag that ensures its convenience and safety during traveling. It is a 70mm refractor telescope with fully-coated glass optics that also ensure your eyes safety and provide a stunning image. The 21035 also comes with a lightweight frame. It is easy to operate and comes with two eyepieces ( a 20mm one and a 10mm one). The Celestron telescope offers 45-degree erect image diagonal and features a 5×24 finder scope for easy object location.

3. Emarth Telescope

The Emarth is a 70mm astronomical refractor telescope with an included tripod, finderscope. Its seamless design and intuitive setup make it perfect for any kid or beginner. The Emarth features fully-coated glass optics and comes with a 60mm(f/5.1) focal length and 70mm aperture. Due to the high-transmission coating, the Emarth telescope provides a much brighter image that can literally stun you. The package comes with two interchangeable eyepieces (10mm 51X and 25mm 128X). It’s lightweight, comes with an adjustable tripod as well as a comfortable carrying bag, making it perfect for traveling.

4. MaxUSee Telescope

The MaxUSee telescope doesn’t offer great quality but it is rather for those whose budget is tight and is looking for something cheap. The MaxUSee telescope for kids and beginners is probably the best traveling telescope you can get. It is portable, and its intuitive setup process makes it easily usable by people of all ages. The device features 400mm focal length and a 5×18 finderscope. It comes with 40mm aperture and up to 32x magnification — note that it is significantly lower than the mentioned above. The MaxUSee telescope is also perfect to get your child interested in space and protect your budget.

5. WOHA Monocular Telescope

Maybe you are looking for something even more compact that has functionality but still does its job, and if so, you’re in the right place. The WOHA monocular telescope comes with a special smartphone adapter that allows you to take great pictures of anything that you could possibly see with it. It is not used to see the stars, but rather it is used to see wildlife and other closer objects that are usually not visible with bare eyes from that given distance. The WOHA monocular telescope is perfect for ranges of about 500 ft.