Whether you’re not often at your house or you want to have a peace of mind wherever you are, you definitely need the best smoke and carbon monoxide detector to ensure the safety of your home. Finding the best out of the hundreds of smoke and carbon detectors is tough, especially since you wouldn’t want to compromise on quality when it comes to your and your home’s security.

 This is our take on the five best smoke and carbon monoxide detectors:

# Image Product Price
1 Nest $122
2 Nighthawk $33
3 First Alert $52
4 Alert Pro $17
5 Ardwolf $22

1. Nest Protect Detector

  • Battery-powered
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Available in a pack of 1 or 3
  • Automatic battery self-check
  • Mobile notifications long before the battery run out
  • iOS 8, Android 4 or later
  • Uses voice alert instead of noise
  • Mobile app support
  • Works with Nest security devices
  • Features 6 long-life AA Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries
  • 10-year device life

When it comes to home security, Nest knows how it is done. Their Protect smoke and carbon detector comes at a hefty price but certainly does offer everything you could’ve ever wanted. The device is available in a pack of 1 or three products, enabling you to cover a nice area in your home. You can forget to be woken up in the middle of the night of low batteries beeping — the Nest Protect detector will send a notification to your phone long before this occurs.

2. Nighthawk Detector

  • AC Powered
  • Available in packs of 1, 2 and 6
  • CO peak level button
  • Test button functions
  • Has a backup 9-volt battery (for outage)
  • 10 Years device life
  • LED indicator
  • Built-in digital display
  • Budget-friendly

If you’re not looking for a wireless, battery-powered smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, then you need to check out the Nighthawk. This AC-powered smoke detector features a 9V backup battery pack that charges and keeps your alarm up during short power outages. There is a ‘Peak Level” button which displays the peak levels of carbon monoxide in the room since the last shutdown. Perfect for small homes and for those looking to save a bit on the cost.

3. First Alert Detector

  • Available in packs of 1, 2, 3, 6, and 12
  • Available in non-wireless and wireless models
  • Has backup battery pack
  • Connects to compatible BRK and First Aid devices
  • Linkable to 6 other detectors
  • As well as 6 others such as bells, horns, and repeaters
  • Perfect for multi-room homes
  • Slightly costly but effective
  • 10-year limited warranty

Another great option, available in both hard-wired and wireless models, the First Alert smoke and carbon monoxide detector is a great addition to anyone’s home. The device is available in packs of 1, 2, 3, 6 and 12 smoke detectors to provide full coverage of two complete homes with six rooms each. To the device, you can connect up to 6 other smoke detectors as well as up to 6 other devices such as bells, horn, and repeaters. It is perfect for multi-room apartments.

4. Alert Pro Detector

  • Budget-friendly
  • Battery-powered
  • 10-year life expectancy
  • No smell, radiation or harm
  • Non-replaceable lithium battery
  • Low power consumption
  • 1-year product warranty
  • Has LED indicator for battery

If neither of the previous three models fits your needs, then maybe the Alert Pro is just what you’re looking for. When it comes cost-effectiveness, with its very low-end price point, this smoke and carbon monoxide detector is a perfect addition to anyone’s home. It is a battery-powered, wireless device that has 10-years of life expectancy. The batteries are built-in and are non-replaceable so that time could be even less. The warranty is 1 year.

5. Ardwolf Detector

  • Pack of 2 devices
  • 10 years life expectancy
  • Requires dust cleaning every 6 months
  • Has Sound and LED indicator for battery
  • With photoelectric technology
  • Very cheap
  • Low-power consumption
  • Not reliable for a long period of time

And if you don’t want to spend any money on a smoke and carbon monoxide detector then the Ardwolf detectors might be just what you’re looking for. With a price point very close to 10$ per piece, those detectors are battery powered and have a life expectancy of about 10 years. There are both sound and LED indicators for the battery. Unfortunately, given its low price point, it is hard to say whether this will be reliable for a longer period of time or not.