On Thursday this week, Amazon held a special event in Seattle, Washington and came out with a bunch of great new gadgets and significant improvements over the already existing ones. The company’s SVP for Devices and Services, Dave Limp, started the event with the announcement that they have 70 things to talk about.


So far, this has been the most significant number of devices and services that Amazon has announced in a day and to be honest, and it might be quite overwhelming to for a lot of people. These, in our opinion, are the best upgraded and new Echo products that you can pre-order right now, with one small exception that is worth it:



# Image Product Price
1 Echo Auto $25
2 Echo Dot $50
3 Echo Plus $150
4 Echo Sub $130
5 Echo Show $230


1. Echo Auto


We all love to go home and enjoy the convenience of Alexa, and it was sometimes really a bummer that there was not a good and cheap way to integrate Alexa with your car. That is no longer the case, with the Echo Auto — the first Alexa for your vehicle!


Thanks to the eight microphones for in-car acoustics, this little beast will be able to hear your voice over speakers and road noise correctly. The package includes Echo Auto Dash Mount. While you can not pre-order this item right now, you can request an invitation for a pre-order later this year. Given the price and features that come with it, I believe it is well worth the trouble!

2. Echo Dot (3rd Gen)


  • 70% Louder

We all love the Echo Dot. Not only is it cheap, but it’s compact and stylish design makes it perfectly fit any room you try to put it in. That said, it was about time for an upgrade over the 2016 Echo Dot. The best about this upgrade is that, according to Amazon, it will be 70% louder than the older generation.


What is even more fascinating is that this year’s Dot has fewer microphones than last years, yet it is supposedly even better. Or so they say. We will have to test if the new features live up to their expectations.

3. Echo Plus (2nd Gen)


Even though its only been a year since the release of the 1st Gen Echo Plus, Amazon decided to surprise us with a new upgraded 2nd Gen edition. According to Amazon, the device comes with a built-in Smart hub that is better optimized for music playback. A lot of products in the event were focused on better music playback, which I highly appreciate.


The audio is complemented with a three-inch subwoofer and an… “increased back volume,” although it is unclear what exactly does that mean. The best part of all is that this year you can choose to use it standalone or in combination with the new Echo Sub! The package comes with a free Philips smart light bulb included.

4. Echo Sub


  • 100 W Power
  • Down-Firing Deep Bass
  • Charcoal-colored design
  • Pair with up to two Echos for 2.1 stereo audio
  • Easy setup

Yes, you read that right. The all new Echo Sub is available for preorder and oh boy does it look awesome! Unfortunately though, for now, it is available only in one color — Charcoal. According to Amazon, the subwoofer will feature a down-firing, 100W deep bass sound through a 6″ woofer.


One of the best features of the Echo Sub is that you can connect with one Echo Plus or you can connect two to experience a powerful 2.1 stereo audio. The if you don’t have one or you don’t want to order separately, they are available in a bundle with one or two Echo Plus devices.

5. Echo Show (2nd Gen)


The all-new 10-inch Echo Show 2nd Generation is here, and it is ready to blow your head off. It features premium speakers with a crisp-clear audio quality an HD display to watch movies, TV shows and videos on. As with any other of the four mentioned devices, you will be able to use Alexa from it. She can hear you more than perfectly with its built-in special eight-microphone system and far-field technology.


You can do video calls with anyone that has the Alexa app, Echo Show or the Echo Spot. Skype will be available for download in the near future. But before you get there, you would have to get your hand on the Echo Show 2nd Gen, which you can pre-order right now on Amazon.