Having the best automated cat feeder is awesome. My cat loves it a lot and is happier than ever before. We all know that feeding your cat high-quality food is of a necessity for a healthy lifestyle. What not many of us know is that putting your cat on an eating schedule is also as important as what you’re feeding it. We all love our cats and want them to be strong and healthy for as long as possible. The best automated cat feeder is developed with that in mind.

If your cat is facing any health issues, controlling his food intake might be the first step to healing your cat. This way you can get the most out of your cat’s diet and ensure the quality of their lifestyle. By doing so, you can start easily monitoring your cat’s eating habits. It is important to be able to spot a difference since a change in their eating habits is the first sign that they are feeling ill. Having the best automated cat feeder will help you a lot in this situation.

Putting your cat on scheduled eating will give you a lot of benefits. Not only are you gonna be to control the type of the dish, you will also be able to control when it is consumed, how much is consumed per meal and in total throughout the whole day. If you cat suffers obesity, this is a great way to start taking care of little pet with the best automated cat feeder.



# Image Brand Price
1 best automated cat feeder 2018 top 5 PetSafe $180
2 best automated cat feeder 2018 top 5 WestLink $90
3 best automated cat feeder 2018 top 5 WOpet $90
4 best automated cat feeder 2018 top 5 Iseebiz $60
5 best automated cat feeder 2018 top 5 isYoung $49


best automated cat feeder 2018 top 5

1. PetSafe Automatic Smart Feed

Make sure that your cat gets the right amount of food at the right time with the new PetSafe Smart Feed. With the storage of 24 cups, the best automated cat feeder will not let your companion down while you are away.

The PetSafe Smart Feed comes with a smartphone app. In order for that to work, you would need a working WiFi connection. The app lets you control your cat’s feeding from anywhere using your iPhone or Android phone. The device allows you to customize the time of each meal. The total number of supported meals per day is 12 which would be way more than enough for your pet. Depending on your pet and your food, you would want to have flexible portions. With the PetSafe Smart Feed, you can set the size of each portion to anywhere between 1/8th of a cup to 4 cups. The Slow Feed option makes the food dispense slowly over 15 minutes to prevent your cat from eating too fast.

Your PetSafe Smart Feed will notify you about your pet’s feeding. No matter where you are, you will be able to be with a complete peace of mind about your beloved cat.

best automated cat feeder 2018 top 5

best automated cat feeder 2018 top 5

2. WestLink Automated Cat Feeder (6L)

If you’re looking for a cheaper and yet still so effective alternative, the WestLink automated cat feeder would be the perfect fit. It comes with a food capacity of 6L, which is more than enough to last your cat a while.

The WestLink automated cat feeder supports up to 4 meals a day, each dispensed from 1 to 39 portions. Each portion is between 10 to 12-13 grams, all you have to do is pick your size. The device comes with a built-in voice recorder. If you cat is forgetful or does not want to eat without your supervision, you can record them a message. The feeder will play this message when it is time for food, this way your cat will be able to enjoy its food fresh. The limit of the recording is 10 seconds. Thanks to the built-in infrared detection systems, the WestLink feeder does not let food get stuck or the bowl to overflow. It supports all food up to 1cm x 1cm (0.33-inch x 0.33-inch).

The WestLink automated cat feeder has an ultra-low power consumption. It requires either a USB power connection or three D batteries. The batteries are not included in the package.

best automated cat feeder 2018 top 5

best automated cat feeder 2018 top 5

3. WOpet Cat Feeder

A great alternative to the WestLink feeder is the WOpet automated cat feeder. It comes at around the same price and features a slightly larger food storage — 7L.

The WOpet cat feeder supports up to four automated meals per day. Using the built-in programmable timer you can set the exact time of each feeding. Thanks to the built-in LCD screen, programming your cat’s routine is just a few button clicks away. With this device, you have the control to set the portion to anywhere between 2 teaspoons to four cups and a half. Each meal can be programmed with a unique portion size to ensure maximum flexibility. With the WOpet cat feeder, you can easily establish proper eating habits of your cat without any stress. If your cat is a little needy, like mine, you can record a short voice message to be played when it is time to eat. You can do this thanks to the built-in microphone and dedicated button.

The WOpet automated cat feeder supports mostly dry food with a size no more than 0.5-inch x 0.5-inch (or 1.3cm x 1.3cm). The storage compartment is removable and is safe for cleaning. Make sure to keep your cat’s hygiene well.

best automated cat feeder 2018 top 5

best automated cat feeder 2018 top 5

4. Iseebiz Automatic Cat Feeder

An even cheaper alternative that also features a voice message function is the Iseebiz automated cat feeder. Priced at around $60 at the time of testing, this device stores up to 3L of food and comes with all features you might need.

Being the fourth best automated cat feeder does not mean that the Iseebiz is anywhere behind the rest. The device comes with the support of four meals per day. The time of each meal can be programmed to your liking. If you want to schedule regular feedings or flexible meals — do so with the 1-39 portion control. Food will not get stuck, neither will your cat’s bowl overflow. Thanks to the infrared detection technology, such hassles will not disrupt your cat’s eating habits. The built-in microphone allows for a short voice message to be recorded. The voice message can be up to 10 seconds which is more than enough for any needy cat. The feeder works either on batteries or with the provided power cord.

Having the Iseebiz automated cat feeder will ensure that your cat gets its food as fresh as possible. The food compartment of the device is leakproof and preserves your cat’s food fresh until it’s next meal.

best automated cat feeder 2018 top 5

best automated cat feeder 2018 top 5

5. isYoung Automated Cat Feeder

Featuring a huge capacity of 5.5L, the isYoung automated cat feeder packs all of the features your pet might ask for. The device keeps the food dry and fresh for your cat’s next meal.

The isYoung automated cat feeder comes with a clear LCD display and five buttons. On this big LCD display, you can observe the time, the programmed meals, meal sizes and the meals served. This allows you to know what is the exact situation with the food of your pet. The device features a microphone which allows you to record a short voice message for your cat. The message can be up to 10 seconds and is played three times automatically upon dispensing the food. The device is very easy to operate and clean. It is resistant to impacts and heat, while it protects the environment. If you wish to wash the food tray, it is removable to ensure painless cleaning.

The isYoung automated cat feeder supports up to 3 meals per day. Each meal can be with its own time and days can have different meals. You can set the weight of the food.

best automated cat feeder 2018 top 5