You live in a city or near a highly industrialized region, the air around you is most likely contaminated. Whether its car or some factory pollution, it is all bad for your health in many ways. Unfortunately, though, you can not control the air around you, at least not everywhere and not without a quality air purifier.

The slight lack of oxygen or the excess availability of toxins and carcinogens in the air around us can cause tremendous effects on our health over time. Oxygen is used by our bodies to produce energy and keep us alive — if it were to be gone or drop too much, we wouldn’t be able to function.

Chronic exposure to pollution, combined with poor nutrition and lack of exercise makes for the perfect storm that might cause irreversible complications over time. One of the ways to protect yourself from such misfortune is to ensure that you get the best air possible… At least wherever you can.

Having the best air purifier will not only ensure that your preserve your optimal health, but will also improve your quality of sleep. This will, in turn, significantly enhance your overall wellbeing, give you more energy throughout the day and increase your productivity. If you are a freelancer, like me, or if you do home office more often than not — you will enjoy the full benefits of the best air purifier.

How do I find the best air purifier for my home?

There is enormous diversity in the market, and most of the products are either overpriced or are not worth it. If you get your hands on a low-quality purifier — it is most likely not going to give you all the benefits possible, if any. To ensure that you find the best possible deal, we’ve prepared my list of the best five home air purifiers.


# Image Brand Price
1 Rabbit $420
2 Alen $400
3 Levoit $79
4 Honeywell $140
5 Koios $60


1. Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0

  • 4-Step BioGS HEPA and Activated Carbon Filtration
  • 3-Year filter life at 12 hours of daily operation
  • Ultra-quiet BLDC motor
  • 265 sq ft room
  • 5-Year warranty
  • 24/7 lifetime technical support

One of the best filters that you can get, besides HEPA, is activated carbon, or as most people call it today — activated charcoal. Is it widely used in filters for different purposes, as a supplement and even in toothpaste due to its power to suck and neutralize harmful compounds. The Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 comes with a comprehensive four-step HEPA and activated carbon filtration system that will ensure your home’s air is as best as it gets.

The filters are durable enough to withstand three years of 12 hours per day usage or a year and a half of non-stop usage. If you have disturbed sleep and you’re bothered by noise — you would love the BioGS 2.0. It comes with an ultra-quiet BLDC motor that is virtually noiseless. Not only that, but it can also purify the air in a 265 square ft. area, more than enough for any room. Although extremely rare, any factory defects or troubles you might experience should be no problems thanks to the 5-year warranty and 24/7 lifetime technical support.

2. Alen BreatheSmart Flex Pure

  • Customizable
  • Available in 14 colors
  • WhisperMax technology
  • 3-Step HEPA filtration system
  • Laser Smart Sensors particle detection system
  • 700 sq ft room
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Filter life indicator

If you want the air purifier to cover your whole home or at least more than half of it, you would go or a big one. They are usually either massive or ugly and don’t fit in with the rest of the furniture. The BreatheSmart Flex Pure comes with 14 differently colored panels to ensure that you would find the one that you need. If you go for the white one, you could even be creative and paint it yourself to match the rest of the interior. One this is for sure though… Wherever you put it, you will never hear it working, thanks to the ultra-quiet WhisperMax technology.

The BreatheSmart Flex Pure has the power to purify the air in areas up to 700 sq ft. Thanks to its 3-step filtration system, you can be sure that you are getting the best air possible for your lungs. A filter life indicator will let you know about the current status of the filtration system. No harmful particle can bypass the detection system of the Flex Pure, thanks to the Laser Smart Sensors detection technology. It’s of such high quality that Alen can offer a lifetime warranty.

3 Levoit LV-H132

  • 3-Step True HEPA and Activated Carbon filtration system
  • 100% Ozone free
  • 3-speed settings
  • Quiet operations
  • Gentle night light with two brightness settings
  • 6-month average filter life
  • 2-year warranty

A much cheaper version, and of course a much smaller one, would be the Levoit LV-H132. If you want to purify your office or just a small area around you, you could use this desk air purifier at your disposal. It is quiet and takes almost no space at all, making it a perfect healthy companion for your workplace.

The LV-H132 is entirely ozone-free, a harmful air pollutant produced by UV and ions. It is perfect to put next to your bedside during the night, to ensure that you get the best quality of sleep possible. It also comes with a gentle nightlight, for those who prefer it slightly brighter. Thanks to its 6-month filter life, you wouldn’t have to change it very often, while the two-year warranty ensures that no factory defects are gonna stop you from reaching your optimal health.

4. Honeywell 50250-S

  • Up to 99.97% pollution absorption
  • True HEPA and Activated Carbon filtration systems
  • Patented 360-degree design
  • SurroundSeal air leaks protection
  • Effective for large to extra-large rooms

A cheaper alternative for bigger-sized rooms would be the Honeywell 50250-S. It comes with a unique patented 360-degree design that makes absorption and distribution of air more efficient than ever. Its SurroundSeal air leaks protection technology will ensure that no impurities leave the filters, which are extremely easy to change.

It is available in both black and white colors and comes in a bundle with the filters so that you don’t have to go through the annoying process of finding the right ones. If you don’t use the right ones, you will most likely not be getting the full potential out of your device, and that is not something you would want, right?

5. Koios Desk Air Purifier

  • 100% Ozone free
  • Super quiet
  • True HEPA and Activated Carbon filtration system
  • Compact design
  • Perfect for an office environment
  • Removes Allergens, Dust & Pollen, Smoke and Pet Dander
  • 12-Month warranty

Maybe you want to save a little bit of money on this one and still get the best deal possible. In that case, the Koios desk air purifier would be the perfect solution for you. It is absolutely ozone free and comes with a true HEPA and activated charcoal filtration systems that ensure the best quality of air possible. It absorbs up to 99.97% of air pollutants. Its super quiet mode makes it the perfect solution for an office environment. It removes allergens, dust, and pollen, smoke and pet dander.