A few weeks ago my family and I spent the most wonderful holiday on a distant Greek island with wild beaches and very few tourists. The place had dozens of bays where the color of the water would range from emerald green to sapphire blue. We used to go to a different beach every day. Most of them could not be reached by car and we had to walk for a mile or two through the woods to get there. We were packed with all stuff we need for the beach plus food and drinks for the whole day as there were no restaurants or bars around.

My husband was not super happy about all this as he had to carry the big cooler bag all the way down to the beach. And then all the way back to the top. Did I mention that there was a slight denivelation of around 200 feet ?

When we came back, he made it very clear that next time everyone will carry their own stuff.

So we needed a mini cooler bag. Or many mini cooler bags.

I had to do some browsing and testing so I compiled a list for the best mini cooler bags for 2018.

# Picture Brand Price
1 XSmart $35.18
2 Geckobrands $19.99
3 IceMule Coolers $59.95
4 ONIVA $24.99
5 One Savvy Girl $28.95




XSmart Mini Cooler bag – my absolute favorite ! Let me tell you why this guy is the coolest on the list, figuratively and literally.

First of all, the mini cooler bag is a stylish finish to your summer outfit. It is elegant, small and practical. You can take it with you while playing golf  and put it in the large pocket of your golf bag.

Two bottles of wine perfectly fit inside – if you want to surprise your loved one with a romantic drink outdoors.

You can also use it for beer cans to enjoy a day out with your buddies after a basketball game or hike in the park.

XSmart is designed for easy carry. There is a small handle on top and the opening is small enough to not let much hot air get inside. This helps keep your drinks fresh and cool for hours even when you are chilling under the burning August sun.

What I like most about this mini cooler bag is the fact that it does not use the heavy ice pack that would normally take half of the space inside. Instead, you have two thin pieces of high-quality thermo material. These guys gently embrace your favorite drink until you are ready to consume it.

Last but not least, the size of XSmart is perfect for any purpose.

I must admit that I happily bought one for my toddler as he always likes to help with the luggage. Plus his favorite snacks are fresh through the whole day. I am not worried while he tosses it back and forth as the bag is made of high-quality leak-protection material.

XSmart is a good fit for any outdoor occasion, at the beach, in the park, golfing or hiking.

In fact, its design is so neat and smooth that I could use it as a normal carry bag as well.




Geckobrands is a nice small cooler bag and it is the cheapest option on the list.

While it is very compact in size ( 7 x 3.5 x 16.5 inches ), it can fit up to 9 beer cans.

It comes in the classical black color and has an extra pocket for keys or bottle opener.

There is a handle on top which lets you carry it the same way as the XSmart. You can put it in your backpack or golf bag, too.

Even though Geckobrands is made of good thermo material, it needs some extra cooler packs for best results.

Due to its simplicity and size, Geckobrands is best used for golf or a few-hour long hikes.



IceMule Coolers

As you might know, IceMule Coolers is a brand that specializes in cooling bags and accessories.

Maybe this is why the price is a little higher compared to other products. However, it offers some great features for professional outdoor activities.

The IceMule mini cooler bag has a slightly different design to keep your hands free. It is fully collapsible which makes it appropriate for carrying on all-day long hikes. It would be a good fit if you are preparing to take one of the El Camino De Santiago routes.

The bag is completely waterproof inside out and vice versa. There is no issue to take it with you while kayaking or even swimming.

It has a capacity of 10 litres which equals 6 cans of beer or 4 bottles of wine, plus the ice.

You can select between various colors and there are a few models with more capacity.

IceMule cooler bag is a good fit for people who do some serious activities outside and would like to keep their hands free. I would recommend it for water sports, cycling or jogging.




The ZUMA cooler bag by ONIVA  is another model that keeps your hands free.

In fact, it is an insulated cooler back pack divided into two sections – for more versatility.

The bottom section can hold 20 beer cans or 12 bottles. The top one is good to keep your food fresh.

The Zuma bag features padded shoulder straps with air mesh and there is a cute little pocket on one of them for your phone.

It is made of durable polyester fabric and comes in different colors.

The heat-sealed water-resistant lining does not let any leaks of your beverages.

While the Zuma bag by Oniva is bigger than the other models, it is on the top 5 list because it is comfortable and keeps your hands free.

This product is definitely your best fit if you are looking for a good picnic bag – the brand specializes in picnic accessories.



One Savvy Girl


One Savvy Girl offers a very special product – actually, 3 products if we count its different capabilities.

You get a mini cooler bag, a camping chair and a back pack, all combined in one item.

The bag is made of durable oxford fabric. It has multiple zipper pockets for your smaller items like keys, torch, wallet, etc. If you are the sports type, you can even use it as a lady’s bag due to its superior design.

The bag weighs only 3 pounds so it is easy to carry on your back during long hikes. If you decide to use it for camping, you can easily set the fire while sitting on the comfortable chair.

One Savvy Girl is a women’s outdoor lifestyle and leisure brand founded by a mom-trepreneur.

If you are a lady and are looking for a comfortable and practical but also stylish cooler bag, you will not go wrong with this one !


The above list will give you the best mini cooler bags to use in of 2018.

Whether you want to enjoy a luggage-free hike in the mountain, a walk down to the beach or an intense run through the park, you will find your product here.

In summer, any outdoor experience is pleasant but to get the most out of it, you should end it with an extra cold drink in your hand.