Whether you’re an audiophile by soul, multimedia producer or just looking for an accurate and analytical sound — then maybe you’re looking to get the best monitor speakers in 2018!

Right now the market is full of products with a low build quality and low sound quality, which probably makes it hard for you to find the best buy in 2018. To help you with the search of the best monitor speakers in 2018, I’ve compiled my choices into a top five list for your convenience.

# Image Brand Price
1 Edifier $99.99
2 Yamaha $229.99 – $449.99
3 KRK $329.99 – $519.00
4 Dual Electronics $32.99 – $54.92
5 Mackie $99.99 – $219.99


1. Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers

When it comes to the design, quality and price — the Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers are my number one best monitor speakers choice. By combining a retro look with a modern sound quality, this device is capable of providing you with the ultimate audio experience.

The R1280T made out of a retro wood case and grey speaker grills, thus fitting perfectly in almost any environment. The back panel comes with two sets of RCA inputs that work simultaneously a physical on/off switch and wire between two speakers. Of course, the wire comes in the premium box that they come in, as well as an RCA to RCA cable and an AUX (3.5mm) to RCA cable. The cables are durable and capable of providing you with zero interruptions audio experience. Besides the speakers, cables and a two-year warranty, inside the box of the R1280T, you will also find a remote. With it, you have the pleasure of adjusting the volume and set the speakers to muting them whenever needed, without having to reach them.

Combining all the features and the affordable price, the R1280T are probably my pick for the best monitor speakers in 2018.

2. Yamaha HS Series — Active Monitor Speakers

If you’re like me and want to get your hand on some premium tech, then maybe the price is not a factor for you when it comes to the best monitor speakers. Coming in two colors and three size variations, the Yamaha HS Series is the way for you to go.

The HS Series are available in 5-inch, 6.5-inch, and 8-inch size variations and white and black color variations. Part of the Series is also an 8-inch black powered subwoofer which provides amazing fat bass. The 5-inch model comes with 45 W LF and 25 W HF bi-amp speakers system for a high level of performance. The 6.5-inch model is equipped with a 60 W LF and 35 W HF bi-amp system, while the 8-inch model comes with a 75 W LF and 45 W HF bi-amp system. The subwoofer is built with a 150 W high-performance speaker driver that empowers you to feel the bass, not only hear it.

Yamaha’s speaker engineering team have developed a product, worthy of being labeled as the best monitor speakers.

3. KRK Rokit Series — Studio Monitor Speakers

If you’re an audiophile and you’re looking for the best monitor speakers from a respected manufacturer, then the Rookit Series will probably match your needs. Manufactured by the worldwide respected KRK Systems, these monitors are capable of providing you a crystal-clear & well-balanced studio audio quality. Whether you’re a music producer or just want to enjoy your music — you will be able to differentiate every single little detail of your output.

For over a quarter of a century, KRK has been the professional’s choice for mixing and mastering hit records worldwide. The Rokit series are available in 3 sizes — five-inch, 6-inch, and eight-inch one. They are built from glass-aramid composite, providing you an extraordinary durability and acoustics. The frequency response range is from 38 Hz to 35 kHz, providing optimum vocal clarity, crisp clear highs, and bass performance. Built with a custom-designed bi-amped, class A/B amplifier, they are capable of delivering SPL of up to 107. Multiple input connections ensure that the speakers can be easily connected to a large variety of studio equipment.

The five-inch model comes with 50 W of power, while the six-inch and eight-inch ones with 73 W and 100 W.

4. Dual Electronics LU43PB Bookshelf Studio Monitor Speakers

Or maybe you’re a DJ in preparation of your next performance outdoors? Then you are probably looking for one of the best budget-friendly monitor speakers. When it comes to outdoors performance, durability and cost — the Dual Electronics LU43PB beats to dust the competition.

The LU43PB comes in 4 different variations — white and black & 100 W peak and 125 W peak. The 100 W speaker incorporates a four-inch woofer while the 125 W one is built with a 5.25-inch one. They all have a three-way audio output. The multipurpose speaker set is capable of filling up the air around you with a accurate and analytical sound quality.

Every speaker is equipped with a 3 high-performance speaker drivers — 50 W & 60 W RMS in total for each. At its peak, the devices are capable of outputting 100 W & 125 W audio. The supported frequency range is between 100 Hz and 20 kHz with an impedance of 4-6 Ohms.

If you’re worried about outside use — don’t be. The LU43PB is coated with UV resistant resin and placed inside an ABS enclosure. The devices are very well protected from external damage and preserve the audio integrity, making them a great patio speaker set. They are also easily mountable on a wall or ceiling with a 120-degree range of motion.

5. Mackie CR Series — Creative Reference Multimedia Monitors

Are you’re looking for something premium yet with at a cheaper price? Then the Mackie CR Series multimedia monitors could probably be your best bet. With a studio-grade quality design, sound and performance — these audio masterpieces are capable of bringing the stage to your room.

The Mackie CR series is available in 3 sizes — three-inch, four-inch, and five-inch. A Bluetooth version is available for the four and five-inch models. With a total power of 50 wats, the speaker set is capable of producing studio-quality audio with an amazing clarity and depth. On the front panel, you will find an AUX input for you to instantly connect with the speakers. There is also a button with which you can change on which speaker are the controls. All required accessories are included in the package for a complete premium experience.