We all love sports. With a summer full of sports underway, a person’s thoughts turn to a new TV. With the Fifa World Cup going on right now, having the best 4K TV under $500 is more than a blessing. Being able to view every single player sharply on a beautiful 4K Ultra High Definition display is godlike. You will be able to sit with your friends and drink cold beers while you’re enjoying the finals on your best 4K TV under $500.

If you have recently looked for a new TV then you most likely know how taunting it is. There is a huge variety of products and categories to choose from. To top it up — most of them come with the same features branded under different names. Obviously, the key feature you are going to be looking for is the resolution. We all want the image quality of our TV to look better than real life, right? The highest possible resolution available today is 4K Ultra HD. Until recently the question was not which machine should I choose but rather ‘do I want to spend a fortune on such high quality’. Nowadays, you can easily get your hands on the best 4K TV under $500, without having to even look for it.

Another key factor that you should be on the lookout for when searching for the best 4K TV under $500 is its dimensions. It would be a shame if you ordered a $500 tech and it didn’t fit the spot you intended it for, right? Believe me, that has happened to me a lot. It was all only because I did not think in advance for its future use and location. Of course, VESA wall mount support is an always-welcomed addition to the features list.

All dimensions are written in the following format: [Width x Height x Depth]; All in inches.



# Image Brand $ Starting At Inches
1 Sony $460 43″
2 Sceptre $430 55″
3 Samsung $425 43″
4 TCL $370 55″
5 Toshiba $480 55″


1. Sony KD43X720E

Sony is a worldwide leader when it comes to multimedia electronics. They are the manufacturer and developer of the PlayStation and countless more TVs, audio systems, smartphones and much, much more. Part of one of their best 4K TV lineups is the KD43X720E. The device prices start at $460 during the time of testing.

This 43-Inch TV comes with dimensions [38.3 x 22.5 x 2.9] while not on the stand. While sitting on its support, the dimensions of the TV are [38.3 x 24.5 x 9.7]. It features an ultra-bright 2160p resolution (4K UHD) and comes with Android TV OS. The image is also enhanced by High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology. Onto the remote, you will find two buttons — one for Netflix and one for YouTube. It has never been quicker to play your favorite TV show or music video with a few button clicks. It supports both WiFi and Bluetooth connections. The refresh rate is 60 Hz and it features Motionflow XR. There is no motion blur whatsoever. On the back and the sides, you will find three HDMI, three USB 2.0, one component/composite hybrid and one composite input methods.

2. Sceptre C558CV-U

Scripture is a well-known TV developer and manufacturer throughout the world. Part of their curved TV lineups is the C558CV-U which comes with a 55-Inch 4K UHD Curved display.

The C558CV-U comes with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 or 4K Ultra High Definition quality. It features a beautifully curved panel that brings an immersive experience into any room. The device comes with four HDMI input ports. You will be able to connect simultaneously four devices and stream your favorite content from any of them. Switching between devices is less than 2-3 button clicks away with the convenient remote controls. There is one HDMI 1 a.k.a. Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL). With it, you will be able to connect your smartphone or tablet and enjoy your apps on this huge curved display. The device also features an innovative new USB port technology. It extends further the functionality and support of the device to other devices. You can listen to music, view digital images and videos.

3. Samsung MU6300 43″

The Samsung MU6300 4K TV comes with a display size of 43 inches and redefines watching experience. Samsung is a worldwide leading developer and manufacturer of display tech. Some of their best displays are featured on the Galaxy S9, the iPhone X, and the MU6300 4K TV.

If you’re not looking for the most realistic viewing experience, you should be. The best 4K TV under $500 comes with an amazing color range thanks to the integrated High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology. It features a sharp contrast that brings the darkest black colors possible on a TV. The MU6300 comes with Samsung Smart TV UI and OneRemote. The OneRemote features a built-in microphone that allows you to surf through your options extremely fast and without any hassle. With the MU6300, you are set to have an experience with zero motion blur. The device features a motion rate of 120 Hz, making even the fastest scenes as smooth as butter.

4. TCL 55S403

Next up the list is the TCL 55S403 4K Smart TV. TCL is famous in the US for their high-quality TVs at affordable prices. Ranking as the fourth best 4K TV under $500, this device comes with a 55-Inch display and the Roku Smart TV UI.

Like the previously mentioned device, the TCL 55S403 comes with the High Dynamic Range color technology. It is capable of enhancing your image so much, that it feels as if you are looking through a window — not a TV. It features a 55-Inch 4K Ultra High-Quality display and comes with the 4K Creative Pro technology. The 4K Creative Pro upscaling engine makes lower quality multimedia look like the cutting-edge 4K UHD videos. Motion blur is, fortunately, absolutely absent. Thanks to the 120 Hz motion rate, you can be sure that the fastest scenes are gonna be smoother than ever. The 55S403 supports both WiFi and Ethernet internet connections. The device is available in a refurbished by the manufacturer state for, probably, way under your budget and is more than capable to fit your image of the best 4K TV under $500.

5. Toshiba 55″ Fire TV Edition

If you’re looking for the smarter alternative, then the Toshiba 55-Inch Fire TV edition is the way to go. The device is available in a refurbished by the manufacturer state for less than $500 and packs everything that you could want in the best 4K TV under $500.

The Toshiba Fire TV edition comes with a stunning 4K Ultra High Definition display. This new generation of high-end TVs comes with the Fire TV technology built-in. It also features Voice Remote technology. The combination of both with Alexa makes surfing the Smart TV UI faster and easier than ever. We would all love to sit on the table and say “play x movie” and enjoy watching it without touching again the remote. The device supports WiFi internet connection and comes with three HDMI inputs, among many other input/output options. Fire TV comes with all the important streaming providers — Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, HBO and more. You can also subscribe to PlayStation Vue, Sling TV and DIRECTV Now, among many more. Connecting an HD antenna to your TV will allow you to stream over-the-air TV right on your screen.