You are addicted to Pinewood Cars but you are not winning? What better way to improve your chances than having the best weights for your car? Well you are at the right place. We have tested them all and selected the best ones in order to help you make the right choice for you. Keep reading and we will even give you some extra hints.

Here is a list of the best Tungsten weights out of the 23 different options we analyzed:

# Picture Name Price
1   3oz Tungsten Weights by Pinewood Pro $21.99
2   3oz Tungsten Weights with Drilling Tool by Red Dirt Derby $30.99
3   3.25oz Tungsten Pinewood Weights by Pine Rocket $21.99
4 Tungsten Canopy Weight by ABC Pinewood Derby $14.95 + $4.70 shipping
5   Tungsten Fine Tunning Putty by Pinewood Pro $8.95


1. 3oz Tungsten Weights by Pinewood Pro

Our best choice is the 3oz Weights version from Pinewood Pro. They are leader on the market and you get what you paid for. The weights are really dense and help you get to the desired weight without taking too much space on your car. This allows you to be more precise with the weights position which is pretty much the most important factor. The price is around the average but they are best quality compared from the list which we tested.




2. 3oz Tungsten Weights with Drilling Tool by Red Dirt Derby


Second place goes to the 3oz Weights with drilling tool by Red Dirt Derby. This is a very nice startup kit which also includes a drilling tool which is perfectly sized for making holes for the weights. The tool will help you position the holes perfectly centered which leaves no room for tilting or not well balanced weight on all the wheels. Considering the good advantage from the drilling tool the higher price is worth. And if you really have your own solution you can find 3oz or 2oz options without Drilling tool again sold by Red Dirt Derby.



3. 3.25oz Tungsten Pinewood Weights by Pine Rocket

If you need a little extra weight then we would recommend you the Pine Rocket 3.25oz option. Why purchasing another set of weights when you can save some money buying 10% more for the same price. The color of these weights is slightly darker and the quality is also very good. You also get a complementary guide for weights placement and car design which might be very useful if you are a beginner. This was a very strong competitor for the first place but we really found the Pinewood Pro weights a bit denser which for us is more important than the total weight.



4. Tungsten Canopy Weight by ABC Pinewood Derby


This weight is the most dense one as you get 2.5oz in a single place. We would strongly recommend this weight for smaller cars and for cases where you need more weight in the back of your car. There are certain cases where you simply cannot go with the incremental weights so better buy one of these and have it with you when you need it. What we did not like is that you have less options for mistake. You need to be very precise when making the whole for this weight as you wont be able to fine-tune the weight distribution of your car unless you want to move the weight a bit more towards the front or the back of the car. Really the advantage of this weight is when you need to concentrate a lot of weight especially in the back of your car. Another thing to consider is that this offer may take a bit longer to ship so have that in mind if you are in a hurry.



5. Tungsten Fine Tunning Putty by Pinewood Pro


You need just a little more weight to get to 5oz and there is no such a small weight? Well here is the solution. The putty is the best solution for fine tuning and proper weights distribution. You can make any form out of it and put as much as you need exactly. This is the solution which will get you as close to the perfection as possible. And it may save you a lot of money for different weight sizes. What we didn’t like is that the density is not so good so in some special situations it may take a bit more space on your car.




If you consider carefully all those five options you will have advantage and will eventually start winning more and more contest. The solutions above will be excellent for any car in terms of design and weight. There are plenty of other options we tested and we ended up with those few which were really helping you with a lot of ideas how to improve your car.