Whether you’re going to a pool or a beach — or in case of an accident, — you might want to consider getting one of the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers. Right now, the market is saturated with different products, and finding the best water speaker for your needs can be a time-consuming endeavor.

When looking for the best Bluetooth speaker, you must consider a lot of factors, such as build quality, sound quality, battery life, water resistance certificate, and functionality, among others. To help you find the best Bluetooth speaker to perfectly match your needs, I’ve compiled a brief list of my personal choices.

This is our take on the five best waterproof Bluetooth speakers:

# Image Brand Price
1 JBL Charge 3 JBL $135.00
3 Hrome Bluetooth Shower Speaker Hromen $39.99
4 Bose SoundLink Micro Bose $87.99
5 Tribit XSound Go
Tribit $35.99

JBL Charge 3

1. JBL Charge 3

Weighing 725 grams and surprisingly small in size, the Charge 3 comes in five different colors and grants you a very compact but quality experience. The device accepts up to three connected devices simultaneously and comes with Bluetooth v4.1, allowing a connection range of about ten meters. Connecting multiple Charge 3s is an effortless task since the device also incorporates JBL Connect technology.

Another feature of the Bluetooth speaker is its IPX7 waterproof certificate, which means that you can safely submerge it up to a meter for thirty minutes. I was also surprised to see the built-in 6000mAh battery not only last me up to 20-21 hours of playtime but also allowed me to charge my phone via USB cable.

When it comes to sound quality, don’t let the size fool you. The Charge 3 comes with two, 10 W powered drivers with a dynamic frequency response of 65 Hz – 20 kHz and two passive radiators. The bass is deep, mids are crisp and the highs are crystal clear. Overall, the sound is impressively well balanced.

Another cool feature of the Charge 3 is its built-in noise and echo-canceling speakerphone technology, allowing you to make calls with excellent quality.


Weighing almost two kilos, the AOMAIS GO is available in two colors – blue and red. It has a sturdy, drop-resistant build and IPX7 waterproof certificate, making it an amazing choice for traveling outside.

Integrating the widespread Bluetooth v4.2 technology, this wireless speaker gives you about 10 – 11 meters of connection range and the possibility of chaining two speakers for a stereo experience.

The product’s internal 7200 mAh rechargeable battery supports fast charging technology, allowing you a full charge in less than three hours and an impressive play time of about 29-30 hours on 50% volume. The battery powers two, 15 W powered drivers and can charge your devices in case of emergency. Just like the Charge 3, this solid piece of tech comes with two extra passive radiators, thus enhance your bass quality. Overall, the sound is very well balanced.

Hrome Bluetooth Shower Speaker3. Hromen Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Unlike the previously mentioned speakers, the base of this one is made into a suction cup, thus making it a perfect fit for any bathroom. Incorporating the IPX7 certificate, this product weighs about 250 grams and is quite small in pretty small in size while packed with a lot of functionality.

Streaming music to your Hromen is an effortless task because of the integrated Bluetooth v4.0 and NFC (Near Field Communications) technology. Unlike the other speakers, Hromen allows you to stream FM radio with the possibility to save more than 30 stations. The device also shows you the current time thanks to the built-in LED screen.

With a single 5 W powered driver and a rechargeable 2600 mAh battery, the device lasts you up to 7-8 of play time. Overall, the sound quality is superb for a speaker of that size and power.

Bose SoundLink Micro

4. Bose SoundLink Micro

Whether you want to go hiking, to the beach or the pool, the SoundLink Micro is the perfect addition to your list of accessories. Weighing about 280 grams, built with a soft, rugged exterior and implementing the IPX7 technology, this waterproof, dustproof and scratch resistant piece of tech supplies you with the outstanding sound quality you wouldn’t expect for this size.

The SoundLink Micro comes with a custom-mounted transducer and passive radiators, providing you with a crisp, crystal clear audio quality and a soft, deep and rich bass. With a play time of about six to seven hours, a 10 meters connection range and the possibility to connect two SoundLink Micros simultaneously, this Bluetooth speaker is the perfect companion for you.

The Bluetooth speaker comes with a built-in microphone that makes it easy for you to take calls and access your mobile device’s virtual assistant, such as Siri or Google Voice Assistant.

Tribit XSound Go

5. Tribit XSound Go

When it comes to price, portability, and quality — the XSound Go is my number one choice. Weighing about 380 grams, this Bluetooth speaker is built to perfectly fit your palm. Made out of quality build materials this device is durable and provides you with a solid, loud sound for its size.

Having the IPX7 certificate ensures that the XSound Go does not fall behind the others in terms if waterproof isolation quality. With a 4400 mAh battery and two, 6 W stereo powered drivers, this gadget is capable of playing for about 22-23 hours on a single charge. Thanks to the built-in passive radiator, this speaker is capable of producing surprisingly loud sound for its size with deep bass, strong mids, and clear highs. Another upside to the speaker is the Bluetooth v4.2 technology that makes it possible to play music up to 20 meters away from the device.

When it comes to downsides, the only possible one that I could detect was the long charging time, although the long battery life compensates for this little inconvenience.

Do you feel more confident in choosing one of the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers now?

While the Charge 3 is the best in terms of sound and build quality, the AOMAIS Go will be better suited for those who want to get the same high-end experience, while still paying a lower price. Have in mind that if you choose the Hromen Bluetooth speaker, you will have to consider that the usability will be limited to the surface you put it on. In my experience, I’ve preferred using the SoundLink Go to have business conversations and while hiking, since attaching it to my backpack is an effortless task because of its tear-resistant strap. Ultimately, my advice would be to check first if XSound Go is not the best choice for you before you make your final choice.