A few days ago I had the most horrible 5 minutes of my life.

My family and I decided to go out for a meal so we went to the local pizzeria. My 3-year old was playing around our table and at some point he disappeared. After 5 minutes of searching inside and outside on the street, we found him in the pizzeria – in a room designated for kids play. He was next to us all the time. You can imagine what thoughts were running through my head while I was walking from one table to the other asking people if they had seen my son.

Right after this experience, I decided to get him a kids GPS tracking device. I thought the best option would be something that he can also use to play with so I browsed kids watches.

As I was searching for the best kids GPS tracking watch, I compiled a list of top 5, based on various features.

# Picture Brand Price
1 iCoolive $45.99
2 Themoemoe $30.99
3 Owl Cole $37.99
4 Synmila $46.79
5 GreaSmart $34.69



iCoolive is the best kids GPS tracking watch for me. It has one feature that is an absolute must if my child is playing with it – it is waterproof.

The smart watch uses double positioning technology – GPS and LBS. The combination of the two helps for a more accurate location tracking. LBS stands for Location Based Services and needs mobile network to work.

The watch is unlocked which means it works everywhere as long as 2G network is available. You need to insert a SIM card.

This GPS tracker gadget comes with an app for smartphones called Setracker. It is available in Apple Store and Google Play.

You can set 3 SOS phone numbers. When your child presses the SOS button for 3 seconds, the watch will start dialing these numbers until one of them picks up. On top, you also receive a notification from the mobile app as soon as the button is pressed. The SOS feature is always active.

However, if you want to restrict the usage of the watch, you can do so from the mobile app. It is useful when your kid is at school, for example.

This model is the perfect fit for my son. The iCoolive GPS tracker watch is very basic but a 3-year old does not need many features.

I am happy that I can always locate my child and that I can call him whenever needed.



Themoemoe is another model with great features and is suitable for small kids and toddlers.

It uses a three-mode positioning system – GPS, A-GPS and LBS. This will locate your child much faster than a normal GPS service and will show you its position as accurately as possible.

The GPS tracker watch works with a micro SIM card and supports two-way phone calls.

It offers a bit more features like security fencing and it can notify you when your child takes off the watch. So you can draw a safe zone where the child walks freely but once it cross the virtual border, you will be notified.

Another cool thing is that you can listen to the surrounding noises without bothering the child. Just to make sure he/she is ok or if you are interested in their geography lesson.

The Themoemoe watch can be used as a pedometer and you can see where your child has been during the day.

The wristband is made of eco-friendly material and the screen will keep your child’s eyesight safe. The size of the wrist is between 125 and 175mm.

This GPS tracker watch is suitable for children aged 3 to 9 years and comes in a cool gift box.

If you are in the US, I recommend you use either SpeedTalk Mobile Card with a $5 plan or T-Mobile Prepaid Complete SIM Starter Kit SIM Card.



Owl Cole

Owl Cole kids GPS watch has all necessary features but it wins the competition for design.

A funny but wise owl will become your child’s new best friend and will take care of it anywhere it goes.

This guy has a touch screen display and will entertain your little one with some extra stuff to do.

There is a built-in camera with flashlight to make some cool selfies. When it is time for school, the watch will gently wake up your child and then, it will show you the route they take on the map.

The gadget supports remote camera and remote voice recording so you can always find out what your child is up to. School mode can be turned on whenever needed.

Besides the standard stuff, there are functions like sleep control, anti-loss alarm, voice chat, stopwatch, SOS and others.

Owl Cole kids watch is unlocked and can be used anywhere in the world with a proper SIM card.

You need to make sure that the area has 2G Network coverage.

This smart watch is perfect for older children ( 7+ ) as they can use its cool extra functionalities.




With its full-color touch screen display and multiple quick learning games to play, Synmila is not just a kids GPS tracking watch. It will keep your child busy and entertained throughout the day.

The watch has with voice chat, learning games, HD camera, rewards and more.

It offers an improved SOS feature. When you press the button, it will dial the three SOS numbers for two rounds until one of them answers. At the same time, the gadget will send a text message to the guardian number and the mobile app will send a notification.

The Synmila GPS tracker watch also uses three-mode positioning system so you can see the exact location on the map. On top, the remote monitor will help you hear and see what is around.

There is a sleep-tracking feature that lets you analyze your child’s sleep behavior. In fact, you will see a section called “Health” and clicking on it will show you calories burnt, distance walked and turnover in sleep.

Even an adult can use this smart watch to track steps and other activity.

Synmila GPS tracking watch is 100% waterproof so your child can take it your summer holiday at the beach.

It is also appropriate for teenagers as it can serve as a pedometer or as a basic health-tracking gadget.




GreSmart kids GPS watch will not only be useful for you but your child will also love it.

Besides the localization ability, it provides a variety of services such as two-way communication, remote monitoring, electronic fence and class mode – the parent can control all these from the mobile app.

At the same time, your child can play with its extra features like voice chat, flashlight, camera or photo album.

The smartwatch can even help them with the maths lessons as it has a built in calculating game.

If your child is in danger, they can press the SOS button for 3 seconds and the watch will immediately send a signal to your phone.

On Google maps, you can quickly see your little one’s real time location and get to them if needed.

GreSmart comes in three colors and the price might vary a little depending on the color.

The kids GPS tracking watch is a perfect gift for your any child aged between 7 and 14 years.


The kids GPS tracking watch may include a variety of games and useful features. The most important use, however, remains the quick and seamless localization of your child.

Whether you have a toddler that just started walking or a teenager who barely stays at home, it is good equip them with a proper kids GPS tracking watch. This way, you will stay calm and always know where your child is and what they are up to.

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