If you are looking for the best car vacuum clear then you probably love your car as much as I do and you are probably more than well prepared to start a war if someone wants to enter your car with dirty shoes or eat inside. I spend a lot of time in my car and having food and dirt all over the place is really unpleasant for me.

As much as I dislike it and try to avoid it, it always happens. The best way to deal with these situations is to buy a car vacuum cleaner and clean up the big mess that your family or friends have created. Thankfully, nowadays it costs almost nothing to get a high-quality car vacuum cleaner.

If you are here then you have probably already found that there are a ton of products and finding the best one might be too much of a hassle. To help you with this struggle, over the past weeks we’ve tested a number of devices. I present to you the five best car vacuum cleaners amongst all devices that were tested so far:

# Image Brand Price
2 Hikeren $14
3 This Worx $30
4 Vacplus $20
5 Holife $34



  • 12V DC Power
  • 19-ounce dustbowl capacity
  • Patented “motor-in-the-filter” technology
  • Low-noise
  • Ultra compact
  • 16 ft cable
  • Integrated 4 feet flexible hose
  • 2-in-1 flip-up brush/wide nozzle tool
  • Long crevice tool

Black+Decker have a long history of making quality vacuum cleaners, and their products are a great example of their refined skills and technologies. The BDH1200 comes with a 16 ft DC cable that runs on 12 V of power supply. The dustbowl comes with a 19-ounce capacity, which is more than enough to collect all dirt that might have accumulated in your car.

Thanks the patented “motor-in-the-filter” technology, the device is ultra compact and has a very low noise for its power. The integrated 4-feet flexible hose, the 2-in-1 flip-up brush and the long crevice tools allow you to reach any spot in your car and remove all possbiel portacles.

2. Hikeren Car Vacuum Cleaner

  • 12 V DC Power supply
  • 75 W Motor power
  • Low-noise
  • 16 ft cable
  • Comes with a long mouth, brush and a black carrying bag

A great alternative to the Black+Decker is the Hikeren car vacuum cleaner. Not only does this vacuum cleaner come at a cheaper price, but it also comes with everything you might need from the best car vacuum cleaner. The 16-feet long cables supports a 12 V DC charge and is long enough to reach all spots in your car.

The innovative motor that Hikeren uses can reach up to 75 W of suction power, which is way more than enough to suck all the dirt even in the tightest spots. It is also very light and produces little to no noise at all. It also comes with a long mouth, brush a carrying bag to protect it from accidental drops.

3. This Worx Car Vacuum Cleaner

  • 12 V DC Power supply
  • 106 W Motor power
  • 16 ft cable
  • Comes with a carry bag and 3 different nozzles
  • Washable HEPA filter design
  • HEPA filter cleaning brush included

The This Worx car vacuum cleaner comes with a very powerful suction force, enough suck up particle from quite far away. The device achieves such results thanks to the 106 W motor and the durable metal turbine that  come with it. The 12 V power is supplied by a 16 ft long DC cable.

If you are clumsy like me, then the included carrying bag is perfect for you. It will protect it from any accidental damage. The washable HEPA filter design ensures that your device will function optimally for a longer period. A cleaning brush for the filter is also included in the package.

4. Vacplus Car Vacuum Cleaner

  • 12 V DC power supply
  • 106 W Motor power
  • 16 ft cable
  • Ultra compact
  • Stainless filter – washable and durable
  • Comes with an extended tube, a crevice nozzle, and a brush

Vacplus, another cheaper alternative, comes with a 16 ft long DC cable. It is definitely quiet for a vacuum cleaner and has some amazing suction force for its compact size. The built-in 106 W motor runs on a 12 V current. It is extremely compact and the included carrying bag makes storing it just that much easier and neater. It comes with an extended tube, a crevice nozzle and a brush to ensure that you have all the tools that you need to reach all spots and not stain your hand while cleaning the vacuum afterwards.

5. Holife Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

  • For wet and dry
  • 4000PA strong cyclonic suction
  • Three-stage filtration
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • 2200mAh battery capacity
  • Multifunctional attachments
  • Comes with a carrying bag and a filter

Unlike the other four, he Holife portable car vacuum cleaner comes with a built-in 2200mAh lithium battery. This cordless devices comes with a turbine motor that provides a stable 4000PA strong cyclonic suction for the vacuum cleaner to absorb garbage, such as cigarette ashes, paper scraps and other small things at your car or home.

The three-stage filtration ensures that the device filters all debri possible. It comes with multiple multifunctional attachments that will come in handy in various different situations. With a single charge you vacuum your quite a few times, more than enough for long trips as well.