The Galaxy Note 9 has been recently released and it comes with the biggest display on a Note phone so far. Some have even gone out saying that its the phone with the largest display on the market right now. Whether that is true is hard to tell, but one thing is certain — the Note 9 is a beast of its own.

The Galaxy Note 9 comes with a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display, one of the best on the market. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, especially given that Samsung produces most of the phones’ screens nowadays, and not only. Don’t believe me? Just wait for their completely bezel-less phone in the upcoming months.

One of the most significant features of the Galaxy Note 9 is the S pen that it comes with, although I am slightly unsatisfied with its color. It offers excellent functionality that might be useful in everyday use. Unfortunately, the Note doesn’t come with some accessories that might help you get even better usage out of your phone. These are the top 5 accessories for the Note 9 you must have:

# Image Brand Price
1 Zizo $19
2 iVoler $15
3 Samsung $50
4 uni $20
5 Eleckey $16

1. Zizo Bolt Series

Unfortunately, as with every other premium phone on the market right now, this one is expensive. In fact, it costs around the same price as the iPhone XS. With such a hefty price tag, it’s only natural that you would want to protect it. And for that, you don’t need just any case. You need the best case in terms of durability, functionality, and looks. The Zizo Bolt series scores high in all three of those.

The case is Military Grade 810.1-G compliant, ensuring its protection from falls of up to 12 ft. It is available in 8 different models and features a built-in kickstand. With it, you’ll be able to enjoy watching your content without having to tire your hand by holding the huge Note 9. And the best part? There is a curved tempered glass protector included for maximum safety. Great deal, right?

2. iVoler USB C Cable Pack

The included cable with the Note 9 is pretty durable and made out of high quality. Unfortunately, they are not very long. Besides that, wouldn’t it be better if you could leave different cables at various locations you often charge at? For example, a longer cable for the car so that it can reach every seat. The iVoler USB C cable pack offers you the option to do so at a little cost!

The iVoler cables are made out of nylon wire woven with an aluminum connector and offer a USB C to USB A connection. They are quite flexible and are built out of quality materials, making them pretty durable to the obstacles they face in everyday life. The pack contains one 3 ft., two 6 ft., and one 10 ft. cables.

3. Samsung Wireless Charger

The Samsung wireless charger is available in 4 differently colored models, and it works with all Qi compatible smartphones. It is optimized best for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, as well as the S9/Note 8/Apple iPhone 8/8 Plus, and iPhone X, XS among others. This means that you’ll be using fast charging every time you leave your phone on the pad.

The Samsung wireless charger comes with built-in multi-colored LED indicator lights that show you the charging status of your device. The integrated cooling fan will make sure that your devices don’t heat up while charging. Overall, it’s capable of providing you with the best wireless charging experience you could ever desire.

4. uni USB C to HDMI Adapter

Another great feature of the Note 9 is the fact that it uses USB C to charge. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities, allowing the Note 9 to connect to a lot of external devices, including your TV in Ultra HD. Imagine playing your favorite game, reviewing old photographs, or watching your Netflix movie. That can be all possible with the help if uni, the best USB C to HDMI adapter for your Note 9.

The uni adapter comes on two different color options — Space Grey and Silver. It is built out of braided nylon, making it quite durable to whatever challenges it might face. The maximum quality of the playback is 4K at 60 frames per second. To use this, you must have an HDMI 2.0 cable.

5. Eleckey car charger

We all travel often, and our phones are not well prepared for this kind of a situation. It is true that the Note 9 comes with the mind-boggling 4,000 mAh battery, but even it falls like crazy when you play a game for a while. With the Eleckey car charger and the iVoler charging cable, you will be able to charge your Note 9 at full speed, all while keeping the car clean from ugly accessories. The device features Quick Charge 3.0 and comes with two ports. There are two different color options — white and grey.