Have you ever gone for long trips with your child using the car? I bet he or she got bored and started causing havoc, which you would want to avoid on the road. You might get distracted and cause a car crash which is something all want to avoid. Even if you have the Nintendo Switch, its battery will run out quickly, and you will have to find a way to solve it. Since you are here, I’m sure that you’ve asked yourself the question:

How to charge the Nintendo Switch in the car?

These days a good car charger can be found for less than $15. There are many car chargers on the market, and they vary in various aspects. If you want to benefit from your purchase, you should be looking for a car charger with 3 or more USB ports. This way you will have at least one free port to charge your phone or tablet when needed. But not any car charger works perfectly for the Switch because they also vary in specs. If you get a charger that doesn’t support the power transfer required by the Nintendo Switch, you won’t get a fast enough charge. Another risk is that sometimes it might even cause damage to the battery of the device.

What Nintendo Switch charger specs should you be looking for?

When you do not know what Nintendo Switch car charger specs you should be looking for, it is only natural to look at the AC adapter that comes with the Switch. On the adapter, you can see that you need 15 V @ 2.6 A. You will also find out that that it provides an additional stream of 5 V @ 1.5 A, but according to the manufacturer — this is not enough to charge the device. Instead, it is used for a different purpose.

To help you even further make your choice, I’ve tested a few devices, and I’ve found some that I think are the best regarding build quality and price. They all support the fast charging speeds required by the Switch and can provide a consistent, stable charge, thus preserving its battery as much as possible. These are the five best Nintendo Switch car chargers on Amazon to buy in 2018.

This is our take on the five best car chargers for the Nintendo Switch:

# Image Brand Price
1 RAVPower $20
2 Nintendo Switch Car Charger Review Vogek $20
3 Nintendo Switch Car Charger Review YCCTeam $15
4 ChoeTech $16
5 Hori $20


1. RAVPower Car Charger

  • 2x USB Slots:
    • 1x USB-C Power Delivery
    • 1x USB iSmart
  • 45W Total power output

When it comes to powering your mobile device, there are no better than RAVPower. They dominate the market not only with their high quality but also with their reasonable prices. The car charger comes with one Power Delivery USB-C port for your Nintendo Switch, laptops and any other device that might require PD and one iSmart USB port. Thanks to both technologies, you can be sure that you have the right charging power for the Nintendo Switch and any other device that might require some fresh juice.

The RAVPower charger has a total power output of 45W, which is more than enough to charge four mobile devices at the same or one MacBook Pro (2017+). The charger comes in a life-proof aluminum alloy design that ensures the safety of your device in case of an accident. Overall, the product provides more than you could have ever wanted for less than $20.

Nintendo Switch Car Charger Review


Nintendo Switch Car Charger Review

2. Vogek Car Charger

  • 1 Quick Charge 3.0 USB Port
  • 1 USB C Power Delivery Port
  • Included USB-C to USB-C cable
  • 63W Total power output

If you are often on the go, you wouldn’t want only your Nintendo Switch charged so that you or your kid can play. Having a full battery on your laptop is always a blessing. To ensure that your laptop is full of juice everywhere you go, you would want a car charger with Power Delivery. The Vogek charger delivers exactly this, providing with a power output of up to 63W. It is perfect to charge some of the latest MacBook models, the Surface Book, Chromebook, Matebook, and others that support USB-C Charging. The PD technology allows the charger to provide the precision needed power output to ensure the longest preservation of your battery.

Nintendo Switch Car Charger Review


Nintendo Switch Car Charger Review

3. YCCTeam Car Charger

  • Built for the Nintendo Switch in mind
  • Available in Silver and Black colors
  • 2x USB Pors, 5V/4.8A each
  • 2-meters (6.6ft) charging cable included

What makes this device stand out from the rest is that it is built entirely for the Nintendo Switch in mind. It will not give you all the features the rest will, but it will make sure that the battery of your Switch stays as good as new after long usage. The YYCTeam car charger comes in two colors and is very compact. The included 2-meters (6.6ft) cable will give you or the child that is playing with the Nintendo Switch freedom to move around freely inside the car. The device is made out of high-quality materials and appears to be pretty durable. A top-grade chip provides a unique overcharging, overcurrent, short circuits, and overheating. Those features make the device fully compliant with the CE and the FCC standards.

Nintendo Switch Car Charger Review


4. ChoeTech Car Charger

  • 2x USB Slots:
    • 1x Power Delivery
    • 1x USB
  • 18W power output
  • Special cable included

The ChoeTech car charger is the perfect alternative for those who are looking for cheap, high-quality tech. It features one Power Delivery USB-C output and one USB-A ports. The ChoeTech car charger provides enough power to satisfy the Nintendo Switch and one more smartphones or tablets at the same time.  The device is capable of providing 5V/3A and 9V/2A power outputs or enough for fast charging for the iPhone 8 / 8 Plus / iPhone X / Galaxy S8/S8 Plus, Nexus 5X/6P, Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL, Lumia 950/950XL, Nokia 8 and more USB-C devices.

Inside the fancy aluminum body, there is an intelligent technology that makes sure to provide the right power output for your device. It also prevents overheating, overcharging and short-circuits. The voltage stabilizer maintains a constant voltage thus ensuring a constant charge. These are all features that improve the overall health of your battery and preserve it more over time.

Nintendo Switch Car Charger Review

5. Hori Nintendo Switch Car Charger


If you want to play it safe or you just don’t need any USB ports, then the Hori Nintendo Switch car charger is the right way to go. The device comes with a Nintendo Charger license. Using this device will ensure that you battery always stays at a top shape and you always get the fastest charging possible. Special circuitry inside the charger protect your Nintendo Switch from overehating, overcurrent and any other possible accidents. The 6.5ft (2 meters) cable is not detachable but is more than long enough to reach anywhere inside the car. Besides using the device for charging the Nintendo Switch, you can safely use it for other USB-C-enabled devices and even laptops, although charging them might take ages.

Nintendo Switch Car Charger Review