One of the most relaxed and joyful holidays is just a week away, and everyone is in a holiday mood, especially your children. Some children can’t even sleep because of the expectation of the toys they will get from Santa Claus. After all, that is one of the main reasons children get so excited about this holiday. But as easy as it sounds to be looking out for Christmas gifts for kids, nowadays it has gotten harder

Unfortunately, sometimes even Santa has struggles to find the best gift for children and you probably that know that better than anyone else. Depending on their age and interests as well as Santa’s budget, there are tons of different toys to choose from. To help Santa, we’ve collected a list of what we believe are the top 5 Christmas gifts for kids on Amazon:

# Image Product Price
1 Nintendo $299
2 Gskyer $70 – 280
3 National Geographic $63
4 Anki $140
5 Bose $79

1. Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is unlike any other gaming console out there. It is made to be as interactive as possible and the new gadgets that Nintendo keeps releasing for them are more than just amazing. The great thing about the Switch is that you can switch between portable and static mode. Your child can play anywhere, at any time, as long as the battery of the Nintendo Switch is charged. It is full of educational and fun games that will engage your child for a long time. The Switch can also be played like a Playstation while it rests on its dock that connects it to the TV and offers you to enjoy your games and content on the big TV screen.

2. Gskyer Telescope for Kids

Getting your child interested in science might not be as hard as you think, especially with all the engaging content that is available online. But why not take them outside to see the starts and the nearby planets with their own eyes? Even if your child is not interested in science or astronomy, being able to see the outer space like never before is a sight that no child would ever want to pass on to. The Gskyer 90mm refractor telescope is perfect for both kids and beginners, it comes with all lenses needed to fully enjoy your time spent watching the outer space. The device features a smartphone adapter and comes with an adjustable tripod and a carrying bag.

3. National Geographic Dual LED Student Microscope

Another great way to get your child interested in sciences is to get them a nice microscope and National Geographic has got you covered. The Dual LED student microscope by NG comes at a decent price and will give your child a window into a whole new realm that was previously invisible to them. This is perfect if your child expresses an interest in biology, physics or other sciences. The device is quite cheap and offers two microscopes in one — a lower LED light to view biological samples and an upper one for 3D objects. The package comes with over 50 accessories, ensuring your child has everything they need to explore the vast miciroscopic world.

4. Anki Cozmo Educational Robot

When you are unable to give your child the care and time they need — then the Anki Cozmo robot is one option that could easen your life, but definitely not the answer to your problem. Children need your attention and that will never change — a robot will only help slightly. That aside, the Anki Cozmo educational robot can be challenged to games or be used in its ‘Explorer Mode,’ which allow your child to view the world from its perspective. The device features an intuitive and seamless to use interface that is perfect for both kids and adults. The build quality of the Anki robot is one of the best — event the most rebellious children won’t be able to break it so easily.

5. Bose SoundLink Micro

And finally, but definitely not the least, is the Bose SoundLink Micro. This little powerhouse will solve all of your child’s audio needs. This Bluetooth audio speaker offers you a great, crisp clear, and balanced audio. Despite its small size, it produces an extraordinary amount of bass — enough to fill the whole room. Its portable, waterproof and rugged design ensure that it survives drops on hard surfaces and in liquids. The battery of the SoundLink Micro lasts for up to six hours of playtime while the Bluetooth range is about 33 feet or 10 meters.