It is very easy to forget about healthy lifestyle, especially with all of the stress, junk food, lack of sleep and malnourishment that we experience daily. One of the most effective ways through which you can restore your health is by changing the water your drink.

In most regions, water from the tap is not good for you. It is just too full of various chemicals to kill harmful bacteria and other pollutants, such as chlorine and fluoride. Some of them are very toxic, and despite being in small quantities — over time, they add up. Unfortunately, though, there aren’t that many options out there.

Bottled mineral water is no exception. Usually, the plastics used to make water bottles are not transparent and to achieve this glassiness, manufacturers add a chemical called BPA. When exposed to sunlight, the radiation breaks down that chemical very slowly, but surely, in your water. It is not significant in the beginning, but with time this might cause significant health concerns.

The el-cheapo water filters are also not good enough to provide you the most benefits out of the water you drink daily. They are good at filtering out some of the harmful chemicals, but others are still left. Left with no other options, I had to get my hands on the best water ionizer, despite how expensive I thought it was. That thought quickly changed just a few months after I started using it on a daily basis.

I had more energy throughout the day, my slight allergy was gone, and I was able to achieve more in my daily activities. I had frequent headaches that were bothering me, but they were gone in just two weeks. I was very skeptical at first, but in the end, the investment was well worth it. To help you use your body to its full potential, I’ve made a list with the top 5 best water ionizers for optimal health:

# Image Brand Price
1 Bawell $1, 6750
2 Tyent $3, 500
3 Air Water Life $720
4 IntelGadgets $800
5 Webetop $600

1. Bawell Platinum

If you prefer the quality over the price, which you should when it comes to your health, the Bawell Platinum is the best way to go. It is quite expensive but powerful enough to instantly ionize the stream of 2 pH water into a 12 pH water, with an ORP range is from +600 to -800. There are two water filtration systems in place, making sure that your water is perfectly clear for all possible contaminants. Those two filters are changed approximately every 5, 000 L. The device is very durable, and judging by the great reviews on Amazon —  I’m sure you will be able to reap the full potential of ionized water.


2. Tyent UCE-11

This one is really only for those who can afford to spend nearly $3, 500. Of course, this price comes with its benefits. One of the biggest being that it has a lifetime warranty. It doesn’t matter if it breaks in 10 years, Tyents is going to repair it for you. The other main reason it stands out is that it is an under the counter water filter, meaning that you won’t have to think of a place for the other types of ionizers. It has 11 huge platinum plates and supports multi-lingual voice control, as well as an advanced interactive touchscreen. Overall, it is really easy to install and controlling it is super easy.

3. Air Water Life Aqua Ionizer

Not many have thousands laying around waiting to be spent on a water ionizer, even though it has so many benefits. I myself was doubtful for several months before purchasing one. While it will provide you with greater benefits over the less-premium ones, you will still be much better off than with what you would normally get from your tap or bottled water. The Air Water Life Aqua ionizer is so far the most durable and has the most useful features. You can set the temperature to Cooking, Brewing Tea/Coffe, Daily Drinking or Initial Drinking. There are also options for Purified Water, Cosmetic and Household Cleaning. This beast has a fully variable pH between 4.5 and 11, as well as an OBR range from +600 to -750 mV. The intuitive LCD screen will provide you with all the information about your current setting so that you don’t dring acidic water by mistake.

4. IntelGadgets IONtech IT-757

A slight more expensive alternative is the IntelGadgets IT-757. It can purify any water between 4.5 and 11 pH. Just like the Ar Water Life Aqua ionizer, you can between 7 different options for water purity. Each option is best utilized in different situations. The availble options are Strong Acidic, for Cosmetics Fcae Cleaning, Pure Water for Medicine and Milk, Initial Period Drinking, Rice Cooking or Making Tea and Making Food / Cooking Sstaff. On the device itself you will find a high-resolution LCD display with 7 different colors, as well as a soft button control interface.

5. Webetop Water Ionizer

A much cheaper alternative would be the Webetop water ionizer. Unlike the others, this one cannot purify to 11 or 12 pH, but 10.5 is close enough and much healthier than what you would usually get anyway. Just like the rest, this little beast has 7 different water settings. There are four settings dedicated for ionized alkaline water (between 7.5 pH and 10.5 pH), one non-ionized alkaline water option (7 pH) and two ionized acidig water (3.5 – 6.5 pH). Its internal replaceable active charcoal(carbon) filter lasts up to 6000 L, making it one of the longest surviving filters on the market! There are 5 large-sized platinum plates that provide the best possible ionization. Overall, even if you spend the least money, you will still get a lot more benefits than spending that much more for medication.