Having a wireless keyboard and mouse can be bothersome, especially if your device has limited USB ports or functionality. Some TVs nowadays support a USB or non-USB Bluetooth keyboard or mouse to be plugged in. But they often come with just one or two USB ports and if your devices are separate – you might find yourself in a hassle. Should I watch from my flash drive or sacrifice the mouse? Or the keyboard? How about none? With one of the best wireless keyboards with touchpad that’s possible.

 This is our take on the five best wireless keyboards with touchpad:

# Image Product Price
1 Logitech $69
2 Vive Comb $33
3 VicTsing $21
4 Arteck $25
5 1byone $23

1. Logitech K830 Keyboard

Logitech is probably one of our favourite brands as almost every single product they produce is top-shelf,a nd the K830 wireless keyboard is no exception. It is designed for livingroom use, with a nice metal-like finish and an interesting key design. The buttons are illuminated, clickly, placed conveniently to use and provide solid feedback – overall perfect. You will find Windows or Android media shortcut buttons to help you enjoy your content without interuptions. The Bluetooth distance is 10 meters or about 33 ft, any rooms bigger than that might be innapropriate for this one. It has no USB Bluetooth adapter, make sure your device supports direct connection to a keyboard.

2. Vive Comb Bluetooth Foldable Keyboard

Some people, like me, are on the go often and would prefer to be able to have their keyboard when they’re not at home. But those devices are usually big and sometimes impossible to carry. The Vive Comb wireless foldable keyboard solves all of this and gives you an amazing writing experience. It can be used both with a USB (wired) or with Bluetooth directly. You will need to ensure your device can connect to Bluetooth-powered keyboard. The keys are clicky and give you solid feedback, although they feel just a tiny bit more shaky than those of the K830. Overall, with its compact size and nice button feel – the Vive Comb keyboard is the best wireless foldable keyboard for travelers.

3. VicTsing 2.4G Mini Keyeboard

Another option for the traveler is the VicTsing mini wireless keyboard. This one is not only portable-friendly but it also comes with an surprisingly great trackpad that even has a slider, although it works only with software that supports it (check website). There are twelve combinations of multimedia keys and five hotkeys that will make controling your device feel faster and more natural than ever. It uses wifi technology to bring you a functioning connection of up to 10 meters or 33 ft. Perfect for a living room or people that are often on the go.

4. Arteck 2.4G Keyboard

The Arteck HW197 is another great wifi-powered keyboard with trackpad with an amazing design, feel and funtionality. Its design is mostly for livingroom usage and made out of durable high-quality materials. The setup is also very easy –  you simply just plug it in and you’re ready to use the wireless keyboard with touchpad imediately! The device has standard 10 meters or 33 ft wireless connectivity range and works with AAA batteries.

5. 1byone Bluetooth Keyboard

And for those who just can’t stop loving the regular laptop look, the 1byone wireless keyboard with touchpad is the way to go. It’s design perfectly mimicks a laptop base, as if it was cut out of one. With one exception – it is ultra slim and, unlike most laptops, feels very sturdy. Its battery can handle up to 90 days of standby and 90 hours of non-stop usage. Perfect for travelers and for livingroom conditions.