We all love to surf and scroll on our phones and tablets but when it comes to typing long text such as an article, an essay or a long work e-mail, it is good to have a real keyboard. The Foldable Keyboard will help you write faster and will give your thumbs a little break.

Whether you are a frequent business traveler, a college student or simply enjoy writing, the Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard is a must-have gadget, especially now that the summer is knocking on the door and we spend more and more time outside.

Top 5 Blog team have reviewed 20 brands of Bluetooth Foldable keyboards and selected the ones that we think are qualified to be in Top 5 for 2018.

# Picture Brand Amazon US Price
1   IKOS $23.99
2   Jelly Comb $29.99
3   1byone $32.99
4   NOVT  $43.99
5   iClever  $35.99 



Size: 11.54″*3.32″*0.26″
Weight : 0.64 ounces
Recommended for : Business / Professional writing/ Leisure

With its plain design, tiny size and reasonable price, the IKOS Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard definitely deserves to be on the top of the list.

Being compatible with most Bluetooth devices and supporting the three major operating systems – IOS / Windows / Android, this model’s look resembles an Apple product, so if you are an owner of iPhone or iPad and like to match your accessories, you will definitely love it.

The scissor-like key mechanism makes it extremely smooth and pleasant for typing.

This gadget is good for business as well as leisure – the battery charges for less than 4 hours and can last for up to 80 hours use. It comes with a small case which also serves as a stand for devices – and all this is so compact that it fits in your pajamas pocket !

The IKOS is the right choice if you don’t want to spend too much on a portable keyboard and offers the best value for money.




Size: 11.89 x 3.82 x 0.31 inches
Weight : 7 ounces
Recommended for : Business/ Leisure


This is your best fit if you travel a lot for business meetings and do not want to carry you laptop everywhere. It is ultra-thin and very light.

The Jeelly-Comb does not only facilitate typing, but it also comes with a cool touchpad which is its greatest advantage compared to other brands. Unfortunately this feature only works with Windows/ Android and is not yet available for iOS devices.

Once fully charged, the gadget can be used for up to 48 hours work, so don’t worry – it will not get exhausted in the middle of your inspiration but can fall asleep during your breaks if they are longer than 10 minutes.

With Jelly-Comb Foldable Keyboard you can enjoy the mechanical look and feel of a computer keyboard while the colors behind the keys can create a calming and comfortable working atmosphere.




 Size: 9.9 x 0.3 x 3.5 inches
Weight : 7 ounces
Recommended for : Business


The 1byone Foldable Keyboard actually looks like a little black notebook and will become your best pal if you are a mobile worker and cannot spend too much time waiting for devices to connect – this one pairs automatically when unfolded and connects with your device for 2-3 seconds. It is also extremely valuable if you need to quickly write down some notes while you are on the go. Once folded, it powers off.

The battery last a little less than other models – about 64 hours but it also charges for less than 4 hours.

Whether you are a Windows, Android or iOS user, this gadget will connect without an issue and the bluetooth 3.0 chip will let about 33 feet ( 10m ) distance from the device.

It does not come with fancy case or a stand but if you like to do things quickly and lead a dynamic life, moving from one place to the other, the 1byone Bluetooth Keyboard is our recommendation.





Size: 8.9 x 6.62 x 0.16 Inches
Weight : 9 ounces
Recommended for : Leisure


Here is one especially designed for the female users.

With its make-up-like design and original rose color, the NOVT Bluetooth Foldable Keyboard will become the ladies’ favorite. It is a little more expensive than the other brands but this difference has some solid grounds.

The little gem is compatible with all Bluetooth devices can be used non stop for up to 75 hours and is made of aluminum.

Once unfolded, it offers a comfortable stand for your phone or tablet and when you fold it back you can just put it in your purse, even if it is a small one – the size of the folded keyboard is 8.9 x 2.2 x 0.63 Inches.

Unlike the other keyboards which need a flat and hard surface, you can put this one on your lap which makes it perfect to use while you are relaxing at home or even on the beach.

The only cons of this model is that it can only be connected to one device at the same time, hence we recommend it for leisure.

If you are not into rose, NOVT Foldable Keyboard is also offered in silver.





Size: 7.7 x 1 x 5.5 inches
Weight : 10.7 ounces
Recommended for : Professional writing


The iClever Foldable Keyboard is suitable for people who really write a lot more than they surf and scroll – editors, writers, students, bloggers. It is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and offers quiet and comfortable typing so you can use it for example in class or in a library.

This accessory will give you the feeling that you are typing on a real mechanical keyboard ( without the noise ). It folds easily and comes with an iClever case which protects the keyboard from scratching or unfolding.

It is compatible with most devices but keep in mind that if you own a Nokia phone or use Windows 8 operating system, it is better to choose another model as iClever does not get on well with them.


You can find plenty of other brands on Amazon – Microsoft, EC technology, Sungwoo, Geyes, MoKo, etc. –  but the top 5 here make the best balance between quality, features, design and price.

Unlike other trending products that become popular very fast but also die down with the same pace, the Portable Bluetooth Keyboard is not just an accessory. It is really useful and can save you a lot of time and stress. Considering that phones and tablets will not grow bigger in size, we will always have a problem to type fast and right using the touch screen.

As I wanted to put some weight behind my words, this post has been written on a foldable keyboard – well, it is true that I cheated a little by connecting it to my big screen and not phone or tablet but this only shows how practical this little fella is.