The fitness tracker watch is probably the most popular gadget after the smartphone itself.

It is used by younger people to track sport activities and by older people to track their main health indicators.

With the smart watch, you can track the distance you walked, check how your sleep was and analyze your body behavior.

The best thing about the fitness tracker watch is that it is attached to your wrist and you don’t need to carry it in your bag or pocket. After all, it is a watch. All other features come as a bonus to that.

As this product attracts many users, there are a lot of brands on the market.

Below is the top 5 list comprising the best fitness tracker watches available in 2018.

# Picture Brand Price
1 Letscom $29.96
2 Willful $36.99
3 Loping $26.99
4 Lintelek $28.98
5 Aeifond $23.49




Once you put Letscom tracker watch on your wrist, it will not only become your best fitness companion but also your health adviser.

First of all, the smart watch will start tracking your most important health indicator – your heart rate. Second, it will provide detailed information on the quality of your sleep. You will know how long you slept through the night, how many hours you spent in the deep sleep phase, how long you have been awake and so on. This lets you analyze your overall condition and make changes to your daily habits to improve your health.

What I find really cool is that is has a silent vibrating alarm to wake you up gently while not disturbing your partner. Or your cat, if you don’t have a partner.

Things like how many steps you took during the day or how many calories you burnt are just standard features of the Letscom fitness tracker watch.

Once you connect the gadget with its designated application – VeryFitPro, you can track up to 14 types of sport activities. Besides the standard ones, it includes also Badminton, Dancing and Yoga.

What else you can do with it ? You can receive calls, reminders and alerts. The watch  shows notifications from social networks and other Apps.  There is a setting you can enable to read SMS messages directly on your watch.

Another cool thing – you can shoot photos remotely by controlling your phone camera with the smart watch. Just don’t forget to look at the camera instead of your watch.

The Letscom fitness tracker has a built-in USB block so you don’t need any cables to charge it. Simply plug it in your PC. It charges for 1 or 2 hours and it can go for 7 days with a single charge.

It has a perfect compact size and a unisex design. Based on your preference, you can select from multiple colors.

Letscom is good for daily tracking of activities as well as a communications facilitator when you don’t want to take out your phone for each alert you get.

It supports iOS and Android and can only be used with phones.




The Willful fitness tracker watch has multiple key features. To name a few, it offers 24-hour heart rate monitoring, 14 sport activities tracking, color HD screen, SMS and SNS notifications.

But the gadget has one cool feature that make it shine among others. It can track your swimming accomplishments. It is 100% water-resistant and you can use it in the swimming pool as well as in the ocean. Check your notifications and messages while you are in the bath and let your phone stay dry and free of drowning.

For less extreme usage, the Willful fitness tracker will simply show you what time it is and what the weather is like outside.

You can enable your phone GPS and the App will draw your running or cycling route on the map.

The wrist strap size is between 5.5 inch to 8.3 inch.

Willful fitness watch is good for any usage but I would recommend it for outdoor sports and more specifically – water sports.




Loping Fitness Tracker is designed to be with you through the whole day. It works as a pedometer, sleep monitor and basic activity tracker.

Note that this model does not include heart rate monitor and does not track specific sports.

Instead, you can use it to check your messages and notifications as well as practice some remote shooting of pictures. It basically replaces your selfie stick.

The Loping smart watch also has sleep monitoring feature enabled but to see your data, you need to install the App for smartphones. It supports phones with iOS 7.1 or higher and Android 4.4 or above.

Again, this smart watch will charge without any cable directly in a USB port and it will take around 1.5 hours.

Loping might not be able to track every single sport for you but it will take good care of you.

The gadget will remind you when it is time to go to bed and will let you know when you should pay attention to your sleep quality.

In the Loping Fitness tracker package you will get a spare wrist band for free. You can track your progress with an accessory that matches your outfit. Well, if you are wearing purple.

This model is perfect for long hiking or home use.

At home you can leave your phone somewhere while you cook or clean. The watch will not track these two activities but at least you will not miss an important call or message.




The Lintelek fitness tracker watch has pretty much the same capabilities as the Letscom.

It will track your sleep, heart rate and many sports activities such as running, cycling, football, basketball and tennis.

This guy is waterproof and you can wash your hands while it is on your wrist. But be careful as waterproof is not like water resistant. If you decide to go diving with it, not only it will not track your swimming results but it will not track anything, ever again. Тhe Lintelek watch can handle a few raindrops but not being under the water.

You can choose between 10 types of alarms and of course it has my favorite gentle vibrating alarm.

This gadget is good if you work in an office and sit all day. It will remind you from time to time that you need to get up and move a little bit.

Lintelek fitness tracker watch comes in many colors and if you don’t like any of them, you can always get a wrist bracelet from Amazon and use it with your watch. You will find a variety of bracelets online.

I recommend Lintelek for fitness and intense sports.

If you need a specific gadget to track your heart monitor due to health issues, it is better to buy a professional product designated for that purpose only.





Aeifond is actually not just a fitness tracker watch. It pretty much replaces your phone because you can receive and make calls directly from it.

The gadget has a SIM card slot but it can also be connected to your phone via Bluetooth.

The list of features is really long – make and record calls, browse through your contacts, view images, play audio files, shoot remote photos. You even have a compass, a calendar and a USB slot.

The watch can be used as a multi device. If you don’t need all these functions, you can at least use it as extra storage when you run out of MBs on your phone.

Aeifond is equipped with a high-quality touch screen display. You will also find a switch and a little button on its side. The wrist band is adjustable and the back of the watch has anti-sweating protection.

Even though this smart watch can be used with both Android and iOS, it does not support all features of iphones ( e.g. SMS, remote camera control and vibration function ).

Aeifond will give you a lifetime warranty and returns are accepted within 90 days from purchase.


The fitness tracker watch is a really useful gadget if you want to track how you are performing in multiple areas. Whether you are a passionate sports person or simply want to see how much you move during the day, it will do the job.

Considering the relatively cheap price, I would even use it as a phone accessory at home. I don’t carry my phone around the house or in the garden so it is nice to quickly check messages and alerts while I take care of my flowers for example.