If you’re looking for party speakers but having a hard time find one then you’re not the only one. The market is oversaturated with various electronics that claim to be what they aren’t and finding the best party speakers for 2019 is a tough task.

To help you with your search of the best party speakers, we’ve tested a number of devices and prepared a list of the five best party speakers you get right now:

# Image Product Price
1 Costway $250
2 Rockville $315
3 LG $398
4 Pyle $210
5 Reck Audio $200

1. Costway Dual 12-inch 2000W Speakers

  • 400 W RMS / 3000 W Peak power
  • XLR / RCA Microphone inputs
  • 15″ subwoofers with 2″ aluminum voice coils
  • Wireless and wired connectivity
  • USB and SD Card readers
  • FM Radio support
  • LCD Screen
  • Wireless remote control
  • With stands
  • All accessories included

If you’re making a big party, then you’ll need powerful enough speakers to accommodate and entertain your guests and there’s no better way to do than the Costway dual speakers. With 400 W of RMS power and 3000 W of peak power, this products ranks #1 in our list of the five best party speakers. They feature two inputs (XLR and RCA) and support playback from USB flash drive and an SD Card. If worst¬†comes to worst, the FM radio support is here to save the day. The LCD screen makes navigating the settings of the speakers extremely easy and the wireless remote control just makes it that much more convenient. These speakers are appropriate for outdoor and indoor parties.

2. Rockville Power GIG. RPG-122K

  • 250 W RMS / 500 W Program / 1,000 W Peak power
  • 12-Inch speakers
  • Wireless and wired playback support
  • USB, SD Card readers
  • FM Radio support
  • Wireless remote control
  • Oxygen-free copper wires included
  • Wireless microphone support
  • With stands
  • All accessories included

A slightly weaker in terms of power option but with a much greater audio quality is the Rockville Power RPG-122K. These dual party speakers offer up to 1,000 W of peak power and 250 W of RMS power. They support wired and wireless playback while the wireless remote control and microphone support offer portability like never before. Just as with the Costway speakers, the Rockville supports USB drives, SD cards, and FM radio. The package includes oxygen-free copper cables for full protection against low latency and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). With all accessories included, the package offers all you need to make a great party.

3. LG OM7560

  • 1,000 W RMS / 12,000 W PMPO power
  • Wired and wireless playback
  • CD Player, FM Radio, USB and SD Card reader playback options
  • Party Thruster controller
  • Karaoke mode
  • Built-in lighting (crossfade and dancing)
  • 36 lbs item weight
  • All accessories included

LG isn’t very famous for their audio equipment, but the OM7560 stands out. This Bluetooth-powered speakers not only looks awesome, but it also features party lighting and a Party Thruster controller for a complete party experience. With 1,000 W of RMS power and 12,000 W of PMPO power, the OM7560 is powerful enough to fill up even the biggest rooms with a crisp-clear sound that even your neighbors can feel. The OM7560 features karaoke mode which removes the vocal frequencies and turns any song into a karaoke version of it. It is perfect for both outdoor and indoor parties.

4. Pyle Wireless Portable Speakers

  • 500 W RMS / 1,000 W Peak power
  • Wireless and Wired playback
  • 10-inch subwoofer and 1-inch tweeters
  • USB and SD card reader
  • 3.5mm jack, 1/4″ SpeakOn, and XLR microphone inputs
  • Comes with a stand
  • All accessories included

Pyle has been manufacturing pretty decent products lately and this one tops them all. With 500 W of RMS power and 1,000 W of peak power, the Pyle party speaers offer you enough power for even the biggest parties. As with the rest, it support wired and wireless playback and support USB flash drives and SD cards. It features a 3.5mm jack, a 1/4-inc SpeakOn, and XLR microphone inputs for your convenience. The package has stands included and features all accessories you would need to operate the product, making it a great deal for its price.

5. Reck Audio 12-Inch Speakers

  • 150 W RMS / 1,000 W Peak power
  • 12-Inch Speakers
  • 60 lbs weight
  • USB / SD card readers
  • FM Radio support
  • Digital LCD screen
  • Wired playback only
  • XLR and 1/4” microphone inputs
  • On speaker controls
  • All accessories included

If you’re looking for the best party speakers under $200, then the Reck Audio ones might be just what you’re looking for. The product features 150 W of RMS power and 1,000 of peak power, delivered by two 12-inch speakers. It features a USB flash drive and SD card readers as well as FM radio support, allowing you to play from almost any source possible. The product does not feature¬†wireless playback, so cables are required. Fortunately, all accessories, including the cables, are included with the package so that you can open and plug it right in. With the digital LCD scereen and on-speaker controls, you can be sure that you’ll stay informed and have full access to the speakers’ settings at any time.