As phones have been getting smaller and smaller nowadays, it is necessary to charge your phone almost every day. After all, it’s our connection to the whole world. Having extra battery juice on you is welcome at all times, but that is not always possible. Whether because we’ll forget our them or it’s because it’s just too much of a bother to hold it at all times, but portable batteries are not always the best solution to this issue. If are often on the go and want an alternative, then having the best backpack with a USB charging port can save you a lot of trouble.

But how do you know which backpack is the best for you? To help you find out which one matches you perfectly, we’ve tested several backpacks and made a list of the top five of them.

 This is our take on the five best backpacks with a USB charging port:

# Image Product Price
1 Swissdigital $66
2 Outjoy $40
3 Oscaurt $32
4 Tzowla $49
5 Lmeison $21

1. Swissdigital Laptop Backpack

  • 20 pockets (3 spacious main compartments)
  • Airplane travel design (TSA-approved)
  • 1x USB charging port
  • 15.6-inch laptop max
  • No portable battery pack included

Our favorite choice is the black Swissdigital laptop backpack due to its superb materials and quality. Spread across three large multifunctional compartments are over 20 pockets of all sizes that can store all of your items — in a perfect for an airplane travel backpack. The maximum laptop size allowed is 15.6 inches. You will find a specialized RFID protection pocket that ensures nobody can steal your personal information from your cards. Unfortunately, to use the battery pack, you would have to connect it to the laptop inside or an external USB battery pack, giving you the option to choose the perfect pack size for your needs. The Swissdigital backpack is ideal for business travel.

Truly the best backpack with USB charging port.

2. Outjoy Backpack

  • Waterproof polyester
  • TSA-approved
  • High-quality build
  • Has phone holder
  • 15.6-inch laptop max
  • No battery included

A cheaper alternative, meant for slightly more extreme conditions is the Outjoy backpack. Made out of waterproof polyester material, this little beast offers you an impressively large storage area for its tiny size. It fits perfectly a 15.6-inch laptop, despite our initial suspicions. Just like the Swissdigital backpack, this one requires you to add your own portable charger, thus giving you the freedom to personalize it according to your needs. On the backpack, you will find a specialized zipped anti-theft pocket, as well as concealed zippers for the others to provide minimal anti-theft protection.

3. Oscaurt Backpack

  • Anti-theft design
  • TSA-Approved
  • Four different colors
  • 15.6-inch laptop max
  • Premium design and materials
  • Holds up to 25KG

Another great option that also takes theft into account, but slightly more seriously is the Oscaurt backpack. It is available in four different colors and comes with completely hidden zippers! The zipper for the main compartment is hidden on the back of the backpack so forget about it being opened by thieves while it’s on your back. The side pockets are big and at the same time concealed very nicely, making this one of the best backpacks with side pockets we’ve ever tested. On the inside, you will find a built-in USB cable as well as a USB port on the outside. You will need a protable charger to power the backpack and your device.

4. Tzowla Backpack

  • Pricey
  • TSA-approved
  • Ultra high-quality materials
  • Has a zipper lock
  • Has USB and 3.5mm MP3 ports
  • 17.3-inch laptop max
  • No battery pack included

In case you need a backpack that holds a bigger laptop – the Tzowla backpack has got you covered. It can take up to 17.3-inches and is availble in other models with different size and design. Just like the previous three, this one is TSA-approved and built out of high-quality materials. On the top, you will find a zipper locker while on the left side there are a USB and 3.5mm MP3 ports. That’s right – not only a USB but an mp3 one as well. You can now enjoy your favorite music from your laptop or tablet without having it outside of your backpack. It is perfect for travelers and for school.

5. Lmeison Luminous Backpack

  • Illuminated drawings at night
  • 9 different creative designs
  • External zipper lock
  • No battery pack included

And, of course, for those looking for something more leisure-oriented or creative, the Lmeison luminous backpack is the perfect solution. It is available in nine differently-designed models, each with its unique characteristics. Besides the zipper password lock, you also get a USB cable included as well as a free pen holder! Perfect for kids, for school, or for casual traveling.