Just a couple of years ago you and your spouse could freely go to concerts, public events and baseball games without being bothered about the noise and the crowd. But now you have company – your little one is literally everywhere with you. And loud noise is definitely the last thing you want to expose them to. Babies have a very sensitive and fragile nervous system which develops in the first few years of life. Obviously, an AC/ DC concert or a New York Yankees game is a bad idea. Unless you equip yourself with baby hearing protection.

Out of the dozens products available on the market in 2018, we selected the top 5 that offer best quality, good value for money and sweet design for babies. Just put them on your baby’s ears, take him or her in your lap and enjoy the show.



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Pro For Sho Baby







Ems for Kids




As а leading brand in this category, Banz takes number one by offering the best quality earmuffs used for baby hearing protection. They are easy to wear and are designed to give comfort to babies and infants – they have very soft cushions which at the same time provide enough space for baby ears. Also, the weight of these guys ( the earmuffs, not the baby ears ) is only 4.4 ounces so your child will barely feel they have something on their head. In fact, even if they do, they might feel more comfortable as this will remind them of the time they were in mummy’s womb.

The Noise-Reduction Rating is 33dB. This is the highest among the Top 5 list.

They can be used for a newborn as well as a 2-year old and the gentle leather-like cover would not hurt baby’s head.

If you are looking for the best of the best, Banz is your choice. If you are not sure, just consider that this is what Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson and Kate Middleton chose for their little ones.




Heartek Baby Hearing Protection earmuffs take the second place for now but they might soon beat Banz and get to the top as they are twice as cheap and offer a very good quality as well.

The company gives a 5-year guarantee and the accessory comes with a travel bag for free. Your baby or infant can enjoy padded headband and soft vinyl ear pads for long term comfort. The 27dB NRR attenuate the harmful noise while the child can still hear its parents’ voices.

Another advantage of Heartek earmuffs is that they are foldable and don’t take much space in your luggage if you decide to take them on your vacation ( you might need them if you are taking your baby or infant on a plane or on a motor boat ride, for example ).

You can choose between 9 colors here and there are some cool models with the USA flag or camouflage patterns.

The Heartek Hearing Protection earmuffs are adjustable and can also be used by young adults or women.



Pro For Sho Baby

Pro For Sho is also a company specialized in producing hearing protection items so you cannot go wrong with them.

Maybe this is why the price is a little higher compared to other brands. Still, not as high as the Banz earmuffs.

The design is a little different than the other rounded-cup muffs and gives them a bit of a strict look.

Pro For Sho give a 90 day try-for-free period in which you can test the earmuffs and see if they satisfy your baby or infant’s needs. If you don’t like them, just return and check another brand. They weigh 7 ounces and have 26dB Noise Reduction Rating which is not bad. The baby will be able to hear the noise without getting irritated.

Unlike the other two models, Pro For Sho earmuffs are not recommended for newborns as they might not cover very well the ears. It is best if they are used for babies and infants 3 months and older.




BBTKCARE offer products for moms and babies specifically so they would best know what our little ones need.

The earmuffs are made of soft foam material that does not scratch the baby’s head and come in two colors – blue and pink. Looks like the brand sticks to the standard. They weigh 5.11 ounces and are good for babies older than 3 months. With its simple design and compact sizing, the BBTKCARE hearing protection muffs are good for concerts, airplanes, partys, fireworks shows, live music events…pretty much every activity that generates loud noise.

The earmuffs are safely tested to guarantee that proper hearing protection levels are met and there are no toxic materials used in their making. They are very light and easy to use and the company also gives a 90-day free trial to its customers.



Ems for Kids

Now, there is a cute little baby design combined with high quality materials and 100% hearing protection guarantee.

Ems for Kids has been on the market since 2007 and are a company experienced in baby hearing protection.

The NRR for these muffs is 22dB which is a little lower than the other models. Still, airplane motor noise can sound like a sweet lullaby to your baby if he or she is wearing these.

They only weigh 4 ounces and are small enough to fit your pocket.

One thing to note with this brand is that not all babies or infants would feel comfortable with the bandage on their head. You place them on the top of the forehead and some babies do not appreciate that. Who knows though…The little one might be so impressed by the cute color of their new accessory that they might actually forget about the bandage. Just give it a try.


The Baby Hearing protection might seem like a useless accessory to some parents but we should not underestimate the great value it brings to the proper development of our little one. In fact, the muffs should not be used only when you go to concerts, outdoor events and sports games. You should also consider using them at home if there is any noise that can make your baby nervous and stressed.

We as parents are responsible to guarantee a smooth development of our baby’s growth. The Baby Hearing Protection muffs will be a good buddy in this journey from our little one’s birth.