If you searched the internet for mini GPS tracker and landed here, you probably do not need any introduction of the this product and know what it is used for.

But if you came here by accident, let me introduce you to this little guy: The Mini GPS Tracker, as the name reveals, is a powerful gadget that tracks the location of an object. It can be a your pet, a person, a vehicle or anything that moves.

In fact, you can even attach it to yourself if you are up to a long hike and want to check your route later – it is better than a cell phone because the battery lasts much longer.

On top, the Mini GPS Tracker can be used secretly, without the object necessarily knowing that it is attached to them.

Please don’t think of the worst scenario – people often buy it because they are afraid for their children, their old parents who have mental illness or their pets who like to run away from home. But, yes, the GPS tracker is most widely used for people trying to figure out where their partner travels, where they stop and how long they stay there.

We selected 5 brands that won the battle for best of the best Mini GPS Trackers in 2018.

Number Picture Brand Price + Monthly subscription
1 LandAirSea $49.95 + $24.95
2 Amcrest $69.99 + $19.99
3 Birds Eye Global Tracking $49.95 + $24.99
4 Spy Tec $49.95 + $25
5 Linxup $39.99 + $22.99




You have probably heard the name before – Land Air Sea has started producing GPS tracking devices in 1994. Since then, they have developed a good deal of products and one of their gems is the LandAirSea 54 GPS tracking device.

This light bulb-sized gadget is 100% waterproof and has a built in solid magnet.

You cannot get anything better for this price – the other brands have some great features but for them, you need to buy waterproof cases or magnet in addition to the price you pay for the device itself.

On top of that, the SIM card here is included in the package.

You get unlimited data and 100% historical playback but this is not for free.

LandAirSea 54 monitoring can happen with any device that uses internet. There are no extra Apps you need to download.

The product is engineered and manufactured in USA and its battery can last around 1 week.

It has plenty of pros but what makes it stand out in the crowd is that it uses 4G network, which is faster, more secure and more reliable.




Amcrest specializes in security and tracking systems so you know you cannot go wrong with their products.

Offering the cheapest subscription, The Amcrest AM-GL300 V3 GPS tracker has all the features needed for a professional tracking device. You can monitor and record object movement while at the same time the gadget is has an SOS feature. This is very useful for old people or children. Geo fencing is available and alerts for speeding can be set as well. The battery can last for 10 – 14 days with one full charge and you can get a text when it is at 20%, for example.

Reviewing and monitoring is easy via a computer or smartphone ( the App is available for iOS and Android ).

Amcrest provides its customers 1-year warranty and lifetime support.

This gadget is good for any usage – to track a vehicle, person or pet.

Keep in mind though that it uses a 2G network, which only works if there is a good T-Mobile coverage.


Birds Eye Global Tracking

The company has been on the market for about 10 years producing best quality GPS tracking products, from fleet satellite tracking to personal ones.

Birds Eye GPS Tracker is a brand new product, as big as a lighter, weighs around 10 ounces, and is perfect for spying.

The battery is not so tough – it lasts between 3 and 5 days so if you want to attach it to your spouse’s car, note that you will have to recharge it often.

The gadget uses Google Maps and even though it is extremely accurate, it has an SOS alarm, which you can activate for quick find. This is great if your child or pet is lost in the woods – you can get near them using the map but with the sound alarm, it is much easier to locate the exact spot.

You can also use Birds Eye for any purpose and be sure that it will not let you down.


Spy Tec

As you can tell by the name, Spy Tec  STI GL300  is very compact in size ( 1.5 x 0.9 x 2.7 inches ) and weighs as much as an avocado. This makes it perfect to attach under a car or to put it in your child’s backpack. The battery last around 2 weeks but this depends on how much the object you are tracking is moving. You can track all details from Spy Tec website and you are able to geo fence your object. This means that you can draw boundaries and if the object leaves them, you will receive an alert on your phone or e-mail. It uses Google maps and another cool feature is that you can pull data reports from the website.

They provide 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty.

Spy Tec offers three monthly subscription plans starting at 25$ a month – you can start and stop the subscription whenever you like without any extra fees.

This device is best used for tracking fast moving objects (vehicles) and there is a Spy Tec waterproof case available, which you can get for a few extra bucks. In fact, the case provides a good disguise as it merges well with the car’s parts.



Linxup GPS Tracker is the cheapest but the most compact product on our list. People use it mainly for professional tracking of vehicles.

It is not a spy toy – you have to attach it to the On-board diagnostics ( OBD ) port of the vehicle, so the driver will definitely see it.

One of its greatest features is the built in maintenance management system which notifies you when it is time to take your vehicle for a regular check.

For a small additional fee, you get a detailed dashboard, which helps you reduce fuel consumption and monitor driver performance.

If you own a logistics company, this is the perfect gadget to track all your drivers, give them ratings, watch over their speeding habits and others.

Linxup GPS tracker uses 3G network and has the standard geo fencing, alerting and detailed reporting capabilities.

Note that Linxup only works on the territory of the United States.


The Mini GPS tracker is a necessary device for company vehicles, as the owner will always want to know where the drivers go, how quickly they dispatch items, how many stops they have and so on.

However, it now becomes more and more used by concerned parents wanting to keep an eye on their kids or by mistrustful spouses trying to get evidence of infidelity ( I hate to say it but in most cases, they do get it ). On the bright side though, you can buy the gadget, use it for your own purpose and then return it, all you have to pay for is the subscription.

As one “happy” customer already said though, you should be well prepared for what you are going to find out.

Now, if you want to spy like a real Pro and get even better evidence than the GPS tracking, check out our Top 5 Wireless Mini Spy Cameras article.