Whether you are planning a nice cross-country holiday trip or you simply travel a lot with your car, you need to be prepared for any incident that might occur during a long ride.

Even nowadays with all the fancy smartphones and technology, you cannot trust the smart gadgets in all situations.

Network coverage is not 100% available everywhere yet, so in some cases, you should stick to the good old classic gadgets or their improved version.

With your smartphone, you can predict the weather, you can control the lights at home and even water your flowers remotely. But you still cannot use it to inflate your flat tire. Unless you are using it to call your husband who will be there at the drop of a hat and do the job.

However, if you don’t have a husband to help you or if you have one but he doesn’t want to help you, no need to worry.

All you need is the Digital Tire Inflator.

Here are the best air compressors in 2018 we selected for you and the list actually includes a newly born baby – the Digital Touch Screen Tire Inflator which has gone out on the market only last month.



Picture Brand






P.I. Autostore














EPAuto Digital Air Compressor is the leader on the market.

It has pretty much kept the shape of its ancestor from the previous generation but has improved design and quality.

The item weighs around 3.80 pounds or 60 ounces and is as big as a small ladies bag. I mean one that can fit your wallet, lipstick and perfume.

The compressor should be plugged in the car’s lighter socket and its working voltage is 12V.

The power rating is 120W, while it can inflate as fast as 10Amps at the minimum and 15Amps at the maximum.

The maximum pressure is 100PSI.

May be these numbers mean nothing to you, so to put it in other words, the compressor can inflate a Jeep tire for approximately 10 minutes.

The digital display will show you the current tire pressure and you can select between a few units – PSI, KPA, BAR, KG/CM.

Other things to note : you can use the EPAuto inflator for balls and other inflatables but it does not support truck tires.

This compressor has proved its capabilities and a lot of professional drivers choose it for their trusted companion on a long trip.

On top, it has a nice torch that can help you if you are stuck on the road during the night.


P.I. Autostore


This pretty guy is a little more compact than EPAuto. It weighs around 2.70 pounds and is even smaller than a small ladies bag.

The P.I. Autostore inflator is very easy to use and it works on different kinds of tires.

You have two buttons to set the desired pressure and the display lights up in blue.

To give you a good idea of this compressor’s capabilities, it inflates a 20-inch SUV tire in about 4 minutes from 15 PSI ( pretty much flat ) to 40 PSI.

You can use P.I. for your car, bicycle tires or even for your mattress – don’t let it sleep there though. You will find all the necessary adapters in the package.

It comes with a nice case that you can put in your trunk. The extra accessories are attached to the device itself so be sure, you will not lose any important cable or adapter.

This guy is even equipped with a RED LED light for emergency breakdown use.

P.I. Autostore compressor is for you if your car has a small trunk but you want to get a product that does not beat a retreat against bigger guys and has the same good qualities.



So here is the little gem that I mentioned in the beginning.

The Nainine tire inflator is one of its kind and if you look at it for the first time, you probably will not guess what it is.

It is basically a smooth box and thanks to the touch screen, you cannot see any buttons on it.

This guy from the future  can inflate a mid-size car tire in only 2 minutes. It also shows the pressure in various units and you can select the preferred one.When the pressure reaches the desired level, the device will shut off automatically.

With almost 10 feet long cable, you shouldn’t worry that you will not be able to reach the back tires if you have a larger or longer vehicle.

Nainine Digital Touch Screen inflator is a good choice if you are into modern tools with futuristic design.

It is preferred by the younger drivers as it resembles most of the devices we use nowadays, in the era of digital and touch screen technology.



It looks like DBPower is a very well-rated manufacturer when it comes to car gadgets.

We already have this brand listed in our Top 5 Portable Car Jump Starters article.

You cannot go wrong with one of their products, knowing that they are very much into car tools and gadgets.

This compressor can inflate a mid-sized tire as flat as 0.35PSI for less than 3 minutes and the maximum air pressure is 150PSI.

It is very compact and weighs around 1.5 pounds – easy to place in your trunk or under the car seat.

The light on the DBPower compressor has three modes – Lighting, Warning and SOS. You can as well use it as a flashlight.

The cable of the tool is way more than needed and you can easily reach all tires of the vehicle.

If you decide to buy this compressor, you will be able to make use of a 24-month warranty and lifetime customer support.

Note that you should turn off the device if it has worked for 10 minutes and let it rest for a while.

DBPower is appropriate for occasional use. If you are one of those people who like to be prepared for any incident just in case, this is your product.




Helteko is slightly cheaper than most of the other models but that doesn’t mean it offers less functionality.

In fact, it has the longest cable, its maximum pressure is 150PSI and its cute design resembles a mini formula 1 bullit.

The air compressor is made of ABS plastic and stainless steel to guarantee a longer life.

A tire with a middle size can be inflated for 3 to 5 minutes with a flow rate as fast as 35l/ min.

One of the biggest advantages of the Helteko compressor is that it is fairly quiet. If you had one of these old compressors from the 90s, you know why this is a valuable feature. An air compressor from the past is so noisy that it might scare away your car and make it hit the road even with a flat tire.

Helteko offers 18 months warranty and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

It is a nice little tool that would be a best fit for people keen on sport and outdoor activities. It can inflate pretty much anything from a basketball to a canoe.


The Digital Tire Inflator is not a gadget you buy for fun or to show off.

It is something that you must have in your car, especially if you spend a lot of time on the road.

The compressor can save you a great deal of time and headaches. In some cases, it will not fix your problem but at least it will help you get to the nearest service garage.

So, the question is not whether to get one but which one to get.

Don’t wait for an incident to happen.

Or, if you like, wait for it – as long as you are equipped with a proper tire inflator from the above list.