Many of you know the MacBook Air as the first premium notebook. Its design and weight were unmatched for the quality of the product. That model hadn’t seen an update for quite a while, or at least until two weeks ago when Apple announced the new iPads, Mac Mini and the new MacBook Air.

With a similar body design to the previous MacBook Air, this year’s model comes with one significant difference — a retina display. Proably the ugliest thing about the older MacBook Airs is the eyetearing display they come with. Fortunately, this year’s model fixes that and adds several new additions to the game, such as USB-C ports. The headphones jack is moved to the right side, while charging now happens only though a USB-C charging cable.

Overall, the new MacBook Air is not the budget mac that everyone expected, but it definitely beats a lot of its competitors with its build quality. Unforunately, to take full advantage of your new tech, you would need some of the best accessories available:

# Image Brand Price
1 CharJenPro $60
2 MaxOak $136
3 Seagate $110
4 Lumicall $30
5 i-Blason $25

1. CharJenPro USB-C Hub

While USB-C comes with its benefits, not many devices support it as of yet. That, unfortunately, makes it necessary to have a USB-C hub if you would want to connect all of your devices. The CharJenPro USB-C hub is certified by Apple and supports not only the MacBook Air, but also the MacBook Pro 2016+ year models. The hub featutures two QuickCharge 3.0 ports, two Thunderbolt 3 ports, and a SD Card and a Micro SD Card readers. Charging the MacBook is possible through the USB-C hub, up to 100W of power max. Maximum output is 1 5K monitor or two 4K@60 fps monitors. Thanks to its sleak design, you won’t even feel its existance.

2. MaxOak Portable Battery

Nowadays having a productive day means having battery all day. Unfortunately, despite our huuge technological leaps in the past few decades, we are still not quite close to the battery we so desire. Thankfully, the new MacBook Air, just as with the latest Pros, utilizes USB-C charging. This allows you to seamlessly charge your Macbook from any portable power bank, preferrably with a Power Delivery energy output. The Maxoak portable battery comes with four outputs and two inputs — two USB-A and one USB-C.. The package comes with all cables needed to charge even older Macbooks with the MagSafe adapter.

3. Seagate Portable SSD

SSD Storage is expensive, and Apple products even more. The MacBook Air comes with two storage options — 128 GB and 256 GB — both of which are not really enough in 2018. To solve all of your current and potential storage capacity issues, the best accessory you can get is the Seagate Portable SSD. It is available in 250GB, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB of storage Thanks to the USB-C, you can get up to 540MB/s transfer speeds. Its sleak and shock-proof design enables you to take it with you anywhere, without the fear of corruping your personal data.

4. Lumicall Laptop Stand

Protecting your eyesight is health is very important and should be applied to every aspect of your lives. It is easy to turn a blind eye to your laptop, especially if you don’t use it more than 1 or 2 hours per day, but it is one of the most common sources of spinal curves. Having a bad posture is not only bad for your back and all the nerves that go through there, it also affects blood flow to your haed and creates overall a lot of inflammation in the body. All of this hinders productivity and can cause you severe concequences in the future. The Lumicall laptop stand offers just the right lift you need to ensure that it perfectly matches your line of sight.

5. i-Blason MacBook Air Case

Despite many people believing the new MacBook Air will be the “budget MacBook” of the year, but that is definitely not the case. With such premium electronics, it is always advisable to get yourself some protective gear. Fortunately, thanks to the study build quality, the new MacBook Air supports casings perfectly. The iBlason case suppors only the new MacBook Air with a model numberĀ A1932. The devices features a slim hard shell cover with matte finish to resist all scratches and skidding. Overall, with this device you can forget about ugly aluminum damage.